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Mustard oil is used in cooking, baking, confectionery, canned goods, soap, textile, pharmaceutical and perfume industries, as well as the technical. Mustard oil are preferred to other oils in the manufacture of pastry. To make the best use canned varieties of mustard oil instead of olive.

The defatted seed cake used to prepare mustard dining. Dining mustard is one of the favorite seasoning to various meat dishes, culinary products, soups, vegetables.

The powder of milled mustard seeds used as seasoning and flavor to hot and cold meats, pickling vegetables and preserving fish.

Young mustard leaves (mainly leafy varieties rich in ascorbic acid) are used fresh for salads, as a garnish for meat and fish dishes. In China, young succulent shoots salted and canned.

Powder from cake of mustard seed has a warming effect and goes on cooking mustard plasters, they are used in medicine as a warming and distracting way, causing a rush of blood and deepen breathing in inflammation of the lungs, neuralgia, for the reflex effects on circulatory function in hypertensive crises, threatening stroke, angina pectoris. In protracted chronic rhinitis good sprinkle of dry mustard powder into socks and wear them at night. Mustard not only stimulates the appetite, but also significantly enhances the secretion of gastric juice. More Pythagoras believed that mustard enhances memory [10].

In folk medicine, mustard seeds are used as a means of stimulating the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, as a laxative, emetic, soothing malaria. Admission into the seeds and mustard powder in pure form or divorced milk helps in cases of poisoning by any poisons.


The seeds contain 0,5-2,89% essential oil, which is composed of Allyl Mustard (40%) and krotonilgorchichnoe (50%) of oil, as well as traces of carbon disulfide and dimethyl sulfide; 20-49 (25-30 [6])% high-quality mustard fatty oil, which comprises erucic, oleic, linoleic, peanuts, lagnotserinovaya, behenic, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and dioxystearic. The seeds contain a glycoside sinigrin (double allyl isothiocyanate ester with potassium bisulfate and glucose), and an enzyme mirozin. Mirozin enzyme in the water sector, and under the influence of temperature glycoside splits into glucose, potassium sulfite and ether mustard oil. Sareptskoj mustard leaves contain carotene 0.0002%, 0.056% ascorbic acid and 0.2% of calcium and 0.0002% iron.

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Yellow mustard
Yellow mustard
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