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Rapeseeds Rape seeds Ukraine

Rapeseeds Rape seeds Ukraine

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We are RAM TRADE LLC, Odessa/Ukraine export and import trading company with extensive experience in the agricultural complex in Worldwide leading agribusiness and food company. We focus on the production and exportation of agricultural products and other kinds of manufactured & processed products stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf worldwide with integrated operations that circle the globe. We can arrange wheat, wheat flour, wheat bran, barley, barley feed corn, corn feed, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, soya beans, walnuts etc

Our service & responsibility

In our capacity as RAM TRADE LLC in Ukraine seeks to service quality care and production customers seeking trust end responsibility.
We work directly with farmers owners and partners factories, grain silos facilities, mills flour plants, oil plants presses and pellets, and logistics grains haulers trucking companies, rail cargo and river barges what make us strategic operators to achieve the projected goals anywhere in the world.
To achieve the balance we have our partner sellers that finance the purchases direct from farmer’s commodities productions, facilitating customer requested.
Our request is simple, that through mid - commitments established by banks that support us the customer's ability and compliance of the draft contract, it is enough to engage in the purchase of commodities requested by customers.
RAM TRADE LLC is specialized in collecting (with pre - selection and quality control, according to requirements of the purchaser), maintenance of the animals up to delivery, ensuring all veterinary procedures, as well as customs procedures, performing of all certificates and documents required for export, and facilitating transport operations of live animals.


THE PRODUCT: Rapeseeds

Oil Content: ≥44 %
Acid Number: 1, 1 – 1, 2 mg.
KOH/g Humidity: 6% - 8%
Contenet of weed and oil impurities (total): max 15 %
Weed Content: max 5%
GMO: Non Pest infestation is not tolerated

COMMODITY : Upon your request

ORIGIN : Ukraine


QUALITY : Export quality

PAYMENT : TT or LC (To be discussed. )

INSPECTION : Seller and Buyer mutually agree that SGS or INSPECTORATE an internationally recognized first Class independent surveyor company shall be appointed at loading and/or discharge ports, to assess the quality and quantity of the cargo according to the provisions herein stated. Buyer pay SGS or INSPECTORATE inspection cost at loading port.

CARGO SIZE : To be discussed

DELIVERY DATE : To be discussed.




We would appreciate your best professional inquiries;
- if you are agent
- final buyer or user
- full company buyer name

- exact product name
- if possible full specification or acceptance for our standard specs – min/max

- possible quantity
- packing required
- exact destination port – etc

We are RAM TRADE LLC provide you the products at the international markets for their good quality and competitive prices.
We provide the following certificates and test reports per shipment:
 Certificate and Shipment Document
1. Draft BL copy
2. Bill of Lading 
3. Commercial Invoice 
4. Packing List 
5. Certificate of Origin 
6. Certificate of Inspection (Wt. , Quality, Qty. ; by BV) 
7. Complete Analysis Report 
8. Insurance Certificate

* Upon above we will immediately send to you our standard specification and initial quote/offer for your evaluation.
* Specifications can be varify upon your request. Therefore, you
kindly send your requirements and order quantity.

* Please kindly note that “Buyer will visit the productions factory here in Ukraine view the goods in warehouse and confirm the quality of the products in warehouse before starting any transaction or making any upfront payment to the seller . ”

* Your satisfaction and convenient is our prior responsibility. You can contact us
directly by email

Contact Details
info. ramtradellc (at) gmail (dot) com
sales. ramtradellc (at) gmail (dot) com
We look forward to doing future business with you.

Kind Regards,

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Rapeseeds Rape seeds Ukraine
Rapeseeds Rape seeds Ukraine
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