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Packing charcoal custom bags

Packing charcoal custom bags

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CHARCOAL Packaged 10 and 15 kg.


Charcoal corresponds Marche A OKP 24 5571 0130 , GOST 7657-84 Ukraine " Charcoal. Specifications " , smokeless , odorless, no sparks , no chemical additives , high calorific value , highly flammable , with a long combustion.

Carbon content - 82-86 %

Ash content - 1.5-2%

The moisture level of 3 - 6%

The calorific value of 8000-8500 kcal

Volatiles 8.6 %

Burning time - 2-3 hours

Fraction of coal from 10 to 200mm ( can be from 10 to 300mm )

We pack charcoal in their bags and bags of the customer ( or faceless logo )

Work on conditions : EXW, FCA, DDU.

When calculating the transport costs must be considered that in one cubic meter of the vehicle is placed approximately 170-180 kg of coal , ie:

- 96m3 truck loaded 16 - 17 tons

- 120 m3 truck loaded 19 - 20 tons

- 40 feet container can hold NA 13 - 14 tons

loading bags , hand -to-ceiling .

This rule is not relevant to supply products on pallets, pallet placed around 450kg of coal. 33 euro pallet ie 14.85 tons.

During the customs clearance of products preparing full set of documents .

Price per tonne on EXW Zhitomir: our bag 345 euros / 320 euros Your bag

Price per ton on FCA Zhitomir: our bag 350 euros / 325 euros Your bag

When loading on pallets price plus 14 euros per tonne .

In the production of charcoal are used , high quality raw materials in particular hardwood (oak and hornbeam) . Making charcoal fully meets the requirements of state standards and meets consumer requirements.

Coal is packaged in two or three-ply paper bags ( kraft bags) are designed for retail and wholesale trade in shops, supermarkets and other retail outlets . Developed packaging , allows the delivery of products with minimal loss of quality .

Charcoal - an environmentally friendly fuel , is designed for fast and safe cooking. Basically charcoal can be used for cooking meat, fish , poultry and other various dishes on the grill , and barbecue grills .

We invite to cooperation in this season.

In turn, the quality and integrity guaranteed.

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Packing charcoal custom bags
Packing charcoal custom bags
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