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Oil cake sunflower купить в Хмельнике
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Oil cake sunflower

Oil cake sunflower

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Sunflower oil cake is produced by pressing plants to obtain seed oil. It consists of the remnants of crushed sunflower kernels. This product contains about 30% protein and 7% fat, that allows us to speak of him as the most profitable agricultural feed. According to the quantitative content of protein cake surpasses even cereals. Due to the high nutritional and energy value of sunflower waste in animal diets have a positive impact on their development.

With its many advantages, bagasse is often used in the manufacture of animal feed. Due to the presence therein of a number of sunflower oil, this product contains vitamin E, phospholipids and has a low degree of oxidative. Sunflower cake is an excellent feed for:


In birds, it is reflected in the increase in egg production, in cattle - the number of milking, the young population - to strengthen the immune system. In addition, the cake is useful for:

average daily weight gain of animals;
improved metabolic processes;
reduce morbidity and mortality livestock;
improve productivity.

As part of the meal a lot of useful substances. Moisture (water), it should occupy a maximum of 11% cellulose not exceed 5% and the protein content should be in the range of 30 to 40%. With the right content the product does not gain a lot of moisture, because of which can be damaged, must not have bitterness, mold and foreign smell. "Selling cake" Today, quite often you can find an ad with the headline. This is easily explained, because the product processing sunflower is in great demand among large farms for the breeding of livestock, including poultry farms, fish farms, and private consumers, who attach great importance to the full and nutritious diet of their animals.


 Our company can offer several types of sunflower oil cake with a protein content of 28 to 35%. Possible export in any country.

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Oil cake sunflower
Oil cake sunflower
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