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Украина, Шостка
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MZ-3 MZ-3 is a low speed, high-resolution positive Motion Picture film serves as a standard film for the production of black & white prints. MZ-3 has an extremely fine grain and an excellent resolving power. MZ-3 is suitable for all technical methods of black & white cinematography and, especially when used in connection with negative films and duplicating films, it produces excellent prints with well balanced grey values. The both anti static layers of the polyester film guarantee dust free projections. Base: Safety base, triacetate, clear, 135 μm or safety base, polyester, clear, 125 μm DARKROOM RECOMMENDATIONS Use a Safelight Filter / greenish-yellow, with a 15-watt bulb, no closer to the film than 1.2 m. (4 feet). STORAGE Store unexposed film at 13° C (55° F) or lower. For extended storage, store at -18 C (0° F) or lower. Process exposed film promptly. Store processed film for medium-term storage (minimum of ten years), store at 25° C (77° F) or lower at a relative humidity of 20 to 50 percent; for extended-term storage (for preservation of material having permanent value), store at 21° C (70° F) or lower at a relative humidity of 20 to 30 percent. For active use, store at 25° C (77° F) or lower, at a relative humidity of 50 ± 5 percent. This relates to optimized film handling rather than preservation; static, dust-attraction and curl-related problems are generally minimized at the higher relative humidity. After usage, the film should be returned to the appropriate medium- or long-term storage conditions as soon as possible. PRINTER CONDITIONS You can make satisfactory prints using negatives of average density if run on a continuous additive printer run at 54,86 m/min, and equipped with a 1000-watt lamp operated at 80 volts (85 volts for 35 mm), and a ground glass in the beam. PROCESSING The following process recommendations should be used as starting points for a typical continuous-immersion processing machine using formulas presented in KODAK Publication No.H-24, Manual for Processing EASTMAN Motion Picture Films, Module 15. The processing times may require modification for a particular machine. Replenishment Rate Processing Step Temperature Time (mL per 100 ft) 35 mm 16 mm Developer D-97* 70 ±1/2°F (21 ± 0.3 ° C) t 650 (D-97R) 325 (D-97R) Stop Rinse t 70 ± 2 F° (21 ± 1 ° C) 50 sec 12,000 6,000 Fixing Bath F-5* 70 ± 2 ° F (21 ± 1 ° C) min 600 300 Wash (countercurrent) 70 ± 2 ° F (21 ± 1 ° C) 10 min 12,000 6,000 Dry 95° F (35° C) § - - IMAGE STRUCTURE The modulation-transfer curves, the diffuse rms granularity, and the resolving-power data were generated from samples of MZ-3. Film exposed with tungsten light and processed as recommended in Developer D-97 at 70 F (21 C) to the recommended control gamma. Substances as sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde vapours and radioactive radiation have a negative influence on films. Warranty: 24 month provided the storage conditions specified above have always been observed.
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