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Ukraine, Baryshevka
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Technical characteristics
  • Type of zipper4
  • Type of zipperTractor type zipper
  • ColorMulticolored
  • Zipper typeOpen-End


Public joint-stock company "Molniya" - one of the largest enterprises in the CIS countries and the only thing in Ukraine with a full cycle of production of a plastic zipper of various executions meeting the European standards namely: spiral (twisted) T4,6,8 (analog of OPTI S-40, S-60, S-80); litjevy L7 (tractor), and also production of rope products (laces for footwear) and bands. The enterprise is equipped modern import (Germany, Japan) with the equipment and the certified industrial laboratory that c use of different types of brelok and company logos on the lock handle allows to turn out quality products in wide color scale (according to the RAL and COATS catalogs).

Advantages of a fastener lightning of production of PAO "Lightning"

  1. The European quality of production of the German firm OPTILON made on the equipment.
  2. Full cycle of production.
  3. Speed and flexibility of implementation of various orders, including not standard.
  4. Quality control of the made production and responsibility to buyers.
  5. Possibility of production of a zipper of different types: spiral or twisted, cast ("tractor").
  6. Possibility of production of a zipper of the non-standard sizes.
  7. Possibility of production of a zipper of the most different flowers at your choice.
  8. Possibility of production of a lightning of different designs: one-piece; one-piece H-, About - R-shaped; demountable; demountable 2nd castle; demountable the 2nd castle with two sockets.
  9. Possibility of production of the lock of any complexity according to your sketch.
  10. Possibility of drawing your logo on the lock handle.
  11. Direct deliveries without intermediaries.

The main differences of spiral lightnings of our production from cheaper lightnings

1. high quality of a textile tape of own production;
2. connections of a textile tape and a plastic spiral it is carried out by method of a vpleteniye of a strong thread in a spiral and a tape that allows to maintain much higher loadings unlike cheap attached spiral lightnings.

The zipper occupies a small share in prime cost of a finished product. But if you use cheap accessories, then breakage of a lightning can put all product out of commission. Saving on accessories, we call in question quality of all product. Our company suggests you to reduce as much as possible possible risks in this direction. Do not save on important trifles, otherwise not to avoid big losses, both financial, and losses of reputation.

Use only qualitative zippers!

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