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Zeolite synthetic NaA
Zeolite, in translation from Ancient Greek "the boiling stone" - the natural mineral (TUF) of a vulkanogennoosadochny origin penetrated by the thinnest cavities and channels giving it properties of a molecular sieve. These emptiness are filled with the cations of alkaline and alkaline - earth metals and molecules of water having considerable freedom of the movement that allocates zeolite with high ion - exchange ability, properties of adsorbent and the donor, an opportunity to absorb and give moisture, to prolong effect of substances with which it is mixed, to give to the soil and live organisms elements necessary for them.
Chemical composition in % :

The maintenance of microelements of components in \ tn:

SiO2 - 71,5 Al2O3 - 13,1 Fe2O3 - 0,9 TiO2 - 0,2 CaO - 2,1 MgO - 1,07 P2O5 - 0,033 K2O + Na2O - 5,03 F - 0,025

As - 0,0015 Pb - 0,002 Cu - 0,02 Mn - 242 Zn - 45 Ga - 20 Th - 12 Rb - 110 Y - 22 Zr - 235 Nb - 22 Ba - 232 Ce - 52

Zeolite perfectly copes with a role of an improver of the soil and fertilizer before landing of different saplings and plants, including coniferous trees, fruit - trees and bushes, vegetables, flowers, pottery plants, medicinal herbs and other cultures, lawns, in preparation of substrates and a nutrient mixture both for an open ground, and for greenhouses.
Natural zeolites are natural mineral fertilizers which allow considerably (to 50% ) to increase productivity of crops.
Besides, thanks to the high ion - exchange capacity and ability a long time to hold moisture and useful components, zeolites are applied as the long - term conditioner of the water - salt mode of the soil. At their application plants are required to be watered less often, zeolites control the optimum mode of intake of moisture in plants.
Zeolite perfectly aerates the soil, promotes development of root system, growth of all plant; holds in a zone of roots enough water - 40 - 70% of the weight, works as the storage reservoir for fertilizers - nitrate, phosphates, potassium, nutrients, the most important components for health of a plant and its growth. Zeolite takes fertilizers in the branched structure until roots of plants find them.
Zeolite keeps moisture in the soil, holding its long time and supplying plants slowly and constantly, carrying out function of system of natural "drop watering".
Availability of zeolites in soils reduces the content of nitrates in fruits by 7 - 38% , increases productivity of cucumbers - to 70% , tomatoes - to 37% , increases contents in fruits of sugars and askorbinka. Zeolite prevents diseases of roots of plants, and also is a source of microelements and a temperature regulator of soils.
One of important functions of zeolite - ability to reduce receipts in plants of toxic substances and radionuclides from the soil. Zeolite occludes the radionuclides and heavy metals which are in the soil, transfers them to the connected state, thus, they are not washed away from the soil and not absorbed by plants. Zeolites promote decrease in a nitrification of nitrogen in soil and considerably reduce the content of nitrates in a harvest.
Cultivation on zeolitic substrate of seedling of wild strawberry and flowers - hyacinths, carnations, tulips, etc. provides high viability of seeds, good rooting, development of powerful root system, germination of seeds for 25 - 30 days earlier
When processing crop products before storage by natural zeolites the lezhkost of products increases by 20 - 50% .
When using natural zeolites naturally there is a suppression of growth of weed vegetation.
Especially it should be noted that all crop products which are grown up with use of natural zeolites are absolutely environmentally friendly and safe.
It can be brought together with mineral or organic fertilizers. Good results are achieved when mixing Zeolite with sapropel, peat, etc.
The zeolite saturated with manure, at its entering into the soil, will become combined fertilizer of long validity period which effective influence remains during the period till 10 years, depending on characteristics of the soil and features of conducting agriculture.
In greenhouse facilities use of zeolitic substrate (mix of peat and zeolite) gives an increase of a harvest of vegetables to 60% , increases the content of vitamins to 70% , reduces amount of nitrates by 60% .
Methods of application
Houseplants. Bring zeolite in flowerpots, having mixed it with the earth in the ratio 1: 4. You will be struck with result. Zeolite absorbs water, works as the aerator and natural fertilizer, saves money and water, reduces the number of waterings and fertilizers.
Planting of trees. Do not forget to bring zeolite in the soil at planting of trees. When you plant a tree, always be generous on zeolite. The tree planted to the soil from about 25% of zeolite will grow almost twice quicker. If the tree lands in a special container, place zeolite a layer of 2,5 cm on a bottom and on hole perimeter before landing and it is abundant water. Zeolite absorbs water, works as the aerator of the soil and natural fertilizer.
Characteristics of Zeolite will help to prevent consolidation of the soil, to increase filtering and airing of deep systems of roots of plants and keeping of enough water.

Main application:

  • osushka natural and oil passing gases;
  • osushka of a process air and air for instrumentation and automated control systems;
  • gas dewatering of reforming and cracking;
  • osushka and regeneration of transformer oil;
  • osushka and regeneration of freonomaslyany agents of refrigeration units (NaA - 2KT is made by the special order);
  • as the filter for an osushka and regeneration of engine oils, diesel and petrol fuel;
  • cleaning of galvanic drains of machine - building productions.

Is issued on TU 2163 - 003 - 15285215 - 2006.

Zeolites are the complex aluminosilicates containing oxides of alkaline and alkaline - earth metals. Synthetic zeolites have a frame structure that defines their unique properties.

Synthetic zeolites (a dehumidifier for gases) usually use in the formed look (granules, tablets). Zeolites of types A and X which depending on the cations which are their part are designated NaA and SAA, and also NaX and SAKHA are the most widespread.

Synthetic zeolites are unsurpassed dehumidifiers of gases, providing their osushka to a dew point - 80.

Zeolite - big group of relatives on structure and properties alkaline or
alkaline - earth metals (Na, K), (Ca, Md, Sr, Ba), aluminosilicates from frame
crystal structure in which there are cavities which are characterized
considerable mobility that provides a possibility of an ionic exchange.
Molecular sieves are the porous inorganic solid bodies consisting from
sets of porous cubic zeolite crystals of the micron sizes. Zeolite
crystals are the operating beginning of molecular sieves.
Size of a Time type and name Formula
And sodium Aluminosilicate with a diameter of time of 4 Å (i. e. 4 nanometers
or 4 * 10 - 8 cm), zeolite 4A (NaA). Substitution of cations
Na to Sa leads to increase in diameter of openings
to 5 Å; this zeolite is called 5A (SAA). Similarly,
to zeolites with inlet opening 3 Å, zeolite 3A (KA)
receive sodium substitution by potassium.
Na12[Al12Si22O48] * 27H2
This crystal structure is constructed with
receiving wider inlet openings. As well as
for type A, initial structure is sodium
form with inlet opening about 10 Å. It
corresponds to molecular sieves 13X (NaX).
Si106O384] * 260H2
(87> n> 83)
Y Has the same crystal structure, as type
X, but other chemical composition. Type Y is applied
mainly in the field of a catalysis (catalytic
Si192 - nO384] * 260H2
(75> n> 56)
Wide use of molecular sieves is caused by their unusual properties:
ability of zeolites to reversibly occlude water vapor or different substances
in a gaseous state, cations of zeolites easily exchange on any other
positive ion. Network of cavities and narrow diffusion ways (time)
lead to formation of the developed inner surface
big size. Inner surface of zeolites
makes from 10 000 to 100 000 values of size
exterior surface. These properties of zeolites use
in processes of drying and selection division.
The most widespread types of synthetic
zeolites are types A; X; Y.

Molecular sieves are rather stable both chemically, and thermally. At
preliminary recovery of activity molecular sieves subject to influence
order temperatures to 700 0
Page however for regeneration (property use
reversibility of adsorption) has enough temperature 200 - 300 0
C. Submergence not
leads to destruction, in the diluted alkaline solutions stability steady.
The crystal framework collapses under the influence of strong acids. Some salts
exchange the cation with a zeolite cation.
Synthetic Zeolites
1. NAH zeolite has rather wide entrance window and adsorbs overwhelming
majority of components of complex mixes: all types of hydrocarbons, organic
sulphurous, nitrogenous and oxygen compounds (mercaptans, thiophene, furan,
quinoline, pyridine, dioxane, etc. ), halogenated hydrocarbons (chloroform,
tetrachloride hydrocarbon, freona), pentaborane and decaborane.
2. KA zeolite at a normal temperature in significant amounts absorbs only
water. This property has predetermined broad application it for an osushka of non - persistent
substances inclined to polymerization reactions.
3. NaA zeolite adsorbs the majority of components
industrial gases, critical size of molecules
which are not exceeded by 0,4 nanometers: hydrogen sulfide,
carbon sulfur, carbon dioxide, ammonia,
the lowest diene and acetylene
hydrocarbons, ethane, ethylene, propylene,
organic compounds from one methyl
group in a molecule, and also methane, neon, argon,
krypton, xenon, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon oxide.

The last group of substances in significant amounts is absorbed only at low
temperatures. Propane and organic compounds with number of carbon atoms in a molecule
more than 3 are not adsorbed by NaA zeolite and thus at an osushka and cleaning not
suppress adsorption of the impurity stated above.
4. SAA zeolite adsorbs hydrocarbons and alcohols only of a normal structure
(irrespective of chain length) in this connection it is widely used in division processes
multicomponent organic substances on a molecular and screen basis. Besides,
are absorbed by SAA zeolite methyl - and ethane thiols, organic compounds with
number of carbon atoms in a molecule, equal to two, (ethyl alcohol, ethylamine, diborane
etc. ). SAA zeolite, among synthetic zeolites of other types, differs in raised
firmness in the subacidic environment and therefore it is used in processes of desulphurization and
decarbonizations of gases.
5. Zeolite of SAKHA at full substitution of a cation of sodium with calcium, unlike zeolite
NaH, does not adsorb aromatic hydrocarbons or their derivatives with branched
Use of zeolites of SAKHA and NaH is based on selectivity of processes of adsorption,
but not on molecular and screen properties.

The synthetic zeolites made oh "The Salavat catalytic plant"
on the developed innovation technologies, possess a number of advantages before
• high mesoporosity that facilitates gas transport on granules and allows
it is effective to use all volume of a granule, capacity characteristics raise
• NaX and NaA zeolites turn out single - stage crystallization in the course of which
there is creation of the arranged zeolite framework and increase of strength
characteristics of material that allows to increase interregeneration run;
• the new way of carrying out a stage of an ionic exchange of NaA zeolite allows to receive
KA and SAA zeolites of the maximum purity that promotes more selection work
adsorbent in gas treatment from water and specific impurity.
Our zeolites meet all requirements imposed to adsorbent in
modern petrochemical industry. Thanks to the increased capacity
our product, the adsorber stock at emergence of overloads on water will increase.
Synthetic zeolites are steady against condensed moisture and does not collapse at long
contact with the water environment!
scopes of Synthetic Zeolites
Ability to reversible adsorption, availability of a time with inlet openings it is strict
certain sizes and the big size of an inner surface, allow
use molecular sieves in three directions:
- division of substances depending on the sizes of molecules;
- division of substances depending on polarity of molecules;
- division of substances by means of the ion - exchange mechanism.
The given techniques give five possible scopes:
- gas dewatering or liquids;
- gas treatment or liquids;
- division of hydrocarbon mixtures of a different structure;
- air osushka;
- softening of water flows from cations of heavy metals and absorption of radionuclides
in atomic - power engineering;
- removal of radionuclides from liquid waste of nuclear energy units.

A variety of areas of use of zeolites is very wide: allocation and cleaning
normal paraffinic hydrocarbons, catalytic reactions of hydrocarbons,
osushka of coolants, division of components of air, receiving carriers for
catalysts, processes of curing of plastic and rubber, extraction of radioactive
isotopes from liquid waste of the atomic industry, release of carbon dioxide
and sulfides from natural gas, receiving vacuum with use
zeolite traps, sampling of air at big heights, release of enzymes,
hydrogen isotope separation, removal of the impurity contaminating the atmosphere such as
sulfur dioxide. Now on cracking catalysts on the basis of crystal
zeolites the vast majority of installations of cracking works.
technologies of use of Synthetic Zeolites
technology of an osushka of gases on zeolites
Zeolites are unique adsorbent of vapors of water. Unlike silica gels
they successfully absorb water vapors already at a temperature of 100 °C and above. The adsorptive
ability of zeolites at normal temperatures and pressure about 200 Pas is close
to the adsorptive capacity at the maximum saturation. Are characterized
high speeds of absorption of moisture, allows to use in dynamic
processes short layers of adsorbent. areas of use of zeolites for an osushka
air are wide. The osushka in gas and oil processing concerns to them
the industries where use of zeolites is most large - scale.
osushka in the gas industry
At gas - gasoline plants application of moderate and deep cold allows
it is considerable to increase extent of extraction of light hydrocarbons, to solve a problem
liquefactions of natural gas to allocate as not condensed rest
helium. On liquefaction installations natural gas is cooled to - 160 °C, on helium
plants — to - 170 °C. It is possible only at use of zeolites which
provide long - term continuous usage of the equipment of division
in these conditions.
Deep and reliable osushka of the transported gas in a frigid climate land
transport it is possible when using zeolites.

osushka of natural gas on crafts
The natural gas which is coming out wells is saturated with water vapors, and in cold
time at its transportation to the gas - collecting station is inevitable loss
crystalline hydrates. By drawing up technology conditions of processes of this
type it is considered that zeolites drain gas at the increased temperatures, it allows not
cool them after a regeneration stage.
The compressed natural gas is characterized by rather small contents
water vapors. if such gas comes to a hot adsorber, the thermal (cold) front
advances the adsorptive front and the drained gas at the same time carries out functions
coolant. thus work of installation on a two - phase cycle is possible.
Trade zeolitic installations differ in simplicity of management of process.
Replacement of zeolites is made in 2 - 4 years.
gas dewatering at gas - gasoline plants
Natural gas from a large number of wells gathers on gas - gasoline plants
also it is prepared for further transport on the main gas pipelines
to the consumer.
if at gas - gasoline plant rather superficial extraction is provided
ethane, a dew point of gas should not be above - 40 °C. At such plants intensively are under construction
new are also reconstructed on the basis of synthetic zeolites the old adsorptive
In certain cases at modern gas - gasoline plants extent of extraction
ethane about 85 - 90% , propane — are provided to bring to 99% , buds — practically to
100% . So deep extraction is possible after cooling of gas up to the temperature - 90
°C. At such plants gas dewatering is conducted zeolites to a dew point - 85 °C. at the same time
zeolites carry out an osushka and some intermediate flows, for example
upper product of a deetanizator.
osushka of the natural gas pumped in layer
After extraction from natural gas of heavy hydrocarbons (condensate), it for
pressure maintenance in layer download in layer again. At pumping gas in layer, for
reduction of costs of compression, osushka and otbenzinivaniye it is reasonable
carry out with a high pressure.

osushka of natural gas on cryogenic installations
The cryogenic method is applied to liquefaction of natural gas and extraction from it
helium. Low temperatures in a refrigeration cycle (to - 170 °C) demand almost full
removals of vapors of water from gas zeolites. It corresponds to a dew point of - 100 °C. Deep
gas dewatering zeolites completely excludes a possibility of freezing of the equipment, and,
therefore, and violations of continuous operation of cryogenic installations.
osushka in the petroleum industry
Oil processing products considerably differ from natural raw materials
high content of unsaturated hydrocarbons, an osushka and which cleaning has
certain features.
osushka of unsaturated hydrocarbons

KA zeolite is widely applied to an osushka of the various environments inclined to
to decomposition and polymerization: ethylene, butylene, butadiene, styrene and its mix
with N hexane, pentilen, vinyl acetate, isoprene, dichloromethane, chloroform,
galogensoderzhashchy coolants, gases of process of Woolf.

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Zeolite synthetic NaA
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