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XHUNTER thermosocks with the increased durability are made of Merino wool (breed of sheep which is parted in the mountains of Australia and New Zealand. Because of severe climate wool of merinos has unique properties which help them to resist to both very low winter temperatures and extreme and high summer.

Such effect is reached at the expense of very thin fibers of their wool (five pieces are equal on thickness to one human hair), which are their secret. Advantage of Merino wool — the natural, thin, unusually soft wool which is "breathing" and well keeping heat. The cellular structure of this material allows to absorb moisture (to 30% of a body weight) and to take away it, and, at the same time, to warm in a damp state. Thereby, at physical activities skin remains dry, heat remains, there is no cooling.

Surprising property of merino wool is its ability not to keep in itself a sweat smell even after several days continuous socks. The linen from traditional wool and from synthetic materials should be erased after each use.)

Contents of silver in a yarn of Prolen Siltex gives to socks antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevents emergence of smells and provides the maximum hygiene.

The zone of a kevlar provides additional protection

The improved protection of foot and Achilles tendon

At pass a flat seam to fingers prevents grazes, even in extreme conditions

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XHUNTER thermosocks
XHUNTER thermosocks
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