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Works on a waterproofing order in Kiev
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One of the directions of the company is the device and repair of all types of a waterproofing at any stage of construction. We carry out an injection waterproofing, a waterproofing of the bases, a bulk and membrane waterproofing of roofs, cleaning and a gidrofobization of facades. Works on a waterproofing is a difficult, responsible direction of construction activity.

Waterproofing works - one of the most responsible components of any construction and repair work. At this stage the reserve of durability and durability of a design is put, the danger assessment from the elements is made, the most weak spots of the building come to light. A main objective of works on a waterproofing - as direct protection against penetration of water in a design, and a material protection from the destroying moisture influence (water or any other liquid capable to do harm to construction). Waterproofing works in particular are actual (and are even simply necessary) in places with the increased humidity of environment - whether it be the seasonal phenomenon or a climatic constant.

Performance of work on a waterproofing provides:

waterproofing of buildings of various type;
base of buildings;
waterproofing of a coupler of a floor, ceilings, walls;
tunnels, bridges, underground constructions;
waterproofings of seams, joints, sealing of interpanel seams;
bathrooms, bathrooms.
roofs (metal, bituminous);
cellars of houses, overlappings, balconies, blind areas, production rooms;
waterproofing of pools, ponds and reservoirs, baths, wells, discharges, tanks;
sealing of tanks, tanks, containers.

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