Buy Wooden siding blockhouse from pine - frame house, Ukraine.
Wooden siding blockhouse from pine - frame house, Ukraine.

Wooden siding blockhouse from pine - frame house, Ukraine.

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Ukraine, Vasilkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandSunrise Ltd
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Wood speciesPine
  • Humidity8-10 %

Wooden siding blockhouse from pine - frame house, Ukraine.

 At first it is worth explaining what is it. By the name " siding blockhouse" it is obliged to the English phrase "block house" which is translated as "the block house". The reasons of assignment of this name to the material considered in this article are unknown. Though, perhaps, its very broad application for finishing of frame houses became the reason.

 When it is told about siding blockhouse, it is necessary to understand that it is about a doubling edged board, its face has the convex form convex, back - flat, besides, this material provides presence of a groove and thorn, docking parts on edges. Wall surfaces sheathed by a wooden siding blockhouse create imitation of a timbered house.

 It is remarkable, some sellers find analogy between siding blockhouse and the rounded log, claiming what siding blockhouse is characterized by the bigger durability and heat saving. Actually these materials in general cannot be compared as sawn logs serve as the main material for construction of walls, siding blockhouse is only a covering, otherwise, carries out absolutely other function.

 For production of a siding blockhouse the exclusive wood which is earlier dried up on special technology can be used. Thanks to it the finished product is less subject to rotting, cracking, deformation and fungal defeats. The covering of this kind of a low permeability, in other words, when there are certain conditions (for example when the "cooled-down" building gets warm), under it, most likely, will occur a accumulation of moisture and formation of condensate. The possession of low specific weight, and also simplicity of installation - all this allows to make a qualitative covering of a siding blockhouse even by own efforts, without the aid of professionals

THICKNESS, mm WIDTH, mm (standard length of the jointed production, l) The price with a length of a planed product..., UAH/m ²
INTEGRAL PRODUCTION (live knot) The GLUED PRODUCTION (jointed on length, without defects)
2,00 - 2,80 m 3,0/4,0/4,5/6,0 m to 2,95 m to 3,95 m 1,0 - 6,8 m
20 / t18 85/t80, 136/t132, 118/146 old 143,22 186,19 125,00 137,50 150,00
28 / t27 95/136/160 (2,95/3,95) 153,00 198,90 175,15 192,67 210,18
33 / t32 106/146 (2,95/3,95) 168,35 218,86 207,50 228,25 249,00
33 186 - only integral 199,90 259,87 ------------- ------------- -------------
38 120/135 (2,95/3,95) 220,00 286,00 248,55 273,41 298,26
44 108/137 (2,95/3,95) 244,63 318,02 274,50 301,95 329,40
44 192 - only integral 265,37 344,98 Glued production is made by means of removal from it of defects, but with presence of a live knot. Price for products without knot is recalculated with coefficient — 1,18.
50 158 - only integral 269,85 350,81
60 190 - only integral 358,65 466,25


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Wooden siding blockhouse from pine - frame house, Ukraine.
Wooden siding blockhouse from pine - frame house, Ukraine.
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