Buy Whiteness (bleach) of 1 l (packing on 8 pieces)
Whiteness (bleach) of 1 l (packing on 8 pieces)

Whiteness (bleach) of 1 l (packing on 8 pieces)

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The Whiteness laundry bleach is ideally suited for a sink and disinfection of floors and rooms, bleaching of linen, cleaning of a tile.

A variety of means of household chemicals is capable to confuse any hostess. Besides habitual universal detergent on counters all new laundry detergents , conditioners, water softeners, means for a podkrakhmalivaniye and a blueing, stain removers, laundry bleaches appear every day...
And each hostess asks herself a question that she needs to choose from this variety of production in order that its linen was faultlessly pure and is dazzling white or bright, so far as concerns color fabrics.
The Whiteness laundry bleach is ideally suited for a sink and disinfection of floors and rooms. The irreplaceable assistant in life intended for bleaching and removal of spots from white products, from cotton and linen fabrics, washing enameled, china, a tile, plasticity of toilet bowls. Thanks to active additives "Whiteness" bleaches more purely and more safely than other similar bleaches. Will give invaluable help at removal of difficult removed pollution, has disinfecting effect.
In Ancient Egypt were engaged in bleaching of cotton for receiving snow-white materials. Then this process was carried out under the influence of solar color. And later various technologies of bleaching and only at the end of the 19th century were around the world applied, with development of industrial production of hypochlorite of sodium production of effective and inexpensive chlorine-containing chemical bleach became possible. In this look hypochlorite of sodium is used and now. Generally chlorine-containing bleaches are issued in a liquid form, the most popular representative of this group of bleaches is well-known all "Whiteness".

A bit later the active oxygen having the bleaching effect in relation to various materials including synthetic and natural fibers was discovered. Industrial use of oxygen-containing bleaches became possible in 1910 from the beginning of production of perborate of sodium.
The following step in development of chemical bleaches was taken with discovery of recovery bleaches like dithionite of the sodium known under the name hydrosulphite. Its industrial production was begun in 1905. This bleach is the most effective for bleaching of wool at a low temperature today.
Chlorine-containing laundry bleaches in most cases are issued in a liquid form. Their basis - sodium hypochlorite, besides it hydroxide and/or a carbonate of sodium and surface-active substances are a part. This structure is known at us under the Whiteness trademark.
For increase of efficiency add to classical "Whiteness" special surfactant, fabrics providing wettability. Recently there were chlorine-containing bleaches of new generation which besides usual bleaching carry out a blueing, that is combine effect of chemical and optical bleaches.
Why chlorine-containing laundry bleach is so popular?
Advantages of chlorine-containing bleaches:
- effective bleaching even at low temperatures (even in cold water);
- simplicity in application (do not demand boiling);
- reasonable price;
- a habit (people use "Whiteness" not one decade);
- more convenient form of release (do not "raise dust", unlike powders, and are easily dosed);
- besides bleaching and removal of spots are suitable for disinfection of various surfaces (a facing tile, a tile, toilet bowls and so on).
Shortcomings of the chlorocontaining bleaches:
- negative impact on fabric: active use of chlorine-containing bleaches leads to the fact that fabrics turn yellow, wear out quicker and, as a result, are easily torn;
- a possibility of bleaching only of cotton and linen fabrics (neither silk, nor wool, nor synthetic fibers can be bleached chlorine!);
- rather short period of storage: in 9 months of storage they lose from 50 to 75% of initial activity;
- impossibility of use in the automatic washing machine, especially in combination with modern powders;
- a strong smell of "bleaching powder" though for elimination of this smell enter special fragrances into structure (but it helps not always).
"Whiteness" can be issued in the form of gel with aromas apple, a peach, a lemon, needles, a camomile wild strawberry. Addition of surface-active substances, considerably increases the washing and cleaning properties of "Whiteness". "Whiteness" can be used both in machines of activated type, and in automatic washing machines.
Efficiency of their application depends on correctness of the choice of this or that means that is the defining factor for achievement of the necessary result and if the consumer chooses "Whiteness", then problems of bleaching of linen, cleaning of bathroom equipment, disinfection, mopping, a tile and other firm surfaces will be solved most effectively with optimum economy of means.
Scope of a whiteness (bleach):
- bleaching of cotton and linen fabrics,
- removal of spots from fabric and any smooth surfaces,
- washing and disinfection of ware, plastic compound, tile, bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, garbage cans.
The whiteness is one of the most caustic connections imposing in respect of pouring extremely strict requirements to the equipment. And not only to the pouring car, but also to packing, and, even, to the conveyor. Besides, it is always necessary to remember as a possibility of hit of the liquid (drops, splashes) on equipment design elements, and harmful evaporations, that air environment in which cars, and sometimes and people work. And compulsory ventilation here not panacea. As a result, the automatic machines released for the line of pouring of a whiteness represent the whole class of absolutely isolated equipment created especially for work in the conditions of pouring of tough chemistry and evaporations of this chemistry.

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Whiteness (bleach) of 1 l (packing on 8 pieces)
Whiteness (bleach) of 1 l (packing on 8 pieces)
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