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Wheat flour

Wheat flour

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Ukraine, Shishaki
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАгроэкология
  • Kind of flourWheat
  • Weight25 kg
  • GradeHigher
  • PurposeBaking
  • ColorWhite
  • PackagingPaper Bag

Flour. In flour - grinding production flour classification is standard, in
dependences on a grinding (size of grains). "Wallpaper flour" is a flour
the most coarse grinding, with grains of grain from 30 to 600 microns (and even more).
More coarse grinding is already grain. At a wallpaper grinding everything razmolachivatsya
grain entirely while high - grade flour is parts endosperm
(size from 30 to 40 microns). Nutritional value of such flour (number of kcal)
it is really very high (that is why fans of white loaf without effort can
to recover). But from the point of view of the biological value of a product is
carbohydrate "baby's dummy". In such flour there is no nothing left useful and
necessary for an organism. From carbohydrates he cannot create new cages, for
it it needs all variety macro - and minerals, put in
whole grain nature. Respectively, wallpaper flour contains in the structure all components of the whole grain, including vitamins, mineral substances, fatty acids, cellulose (vegetable fibers), and premium flour entirely consists of starch - the most easily usvoyaemy carbohydrates.

To 100 kg - 6,00 UAH. It is more than 100 kg - 5,10 UAH.

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Wheat flour
Wheat flour
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