Buy Welding works. Carrying out of a balcony Kiev.
Welding works. Carrying out of a balcony Kiev.

Welding works. Carrying out of a balcony Kiev.

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The Windows Kiev company is engaged in welding works, carrying out of a balcony, a covering of balconies as lining, a zastekleniye of balconies, loggias, sale and installation of windows.

Windows Balconies perform the welding works of any complexity traditional electro or gas welding.

We provide a guarantee for welding works! Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. We provide recommendations of our customers. At implementation of the received orders we observe all necessary precautionary measures.

We pay your attention that experts "Windows Balconies" can carry out sanitary, some construction, and also finishing works, and also we can proizvestiremont apartments or construction of cottages.

Welding works for construction area were and remain one of the main and responsible operations on which quality durability, reliability and durability of all design will depend in many respects. Responsibility for carrying out and performance of welding works lays down more on the welder whose experience and skills are a peculiar guarantor of quality of the seams made by it, their reliability and safety.

As practice shows, professional services of the welder are rather demanded and sometimes to find the expert who at the high level will perform welded works very much even not easy. Our opportunities are confirmed by already performed works. For welding works in Kiev offer Price a large number of the most various companies and enterprises, but not always it turns out to define at the customer, this or that company how qualitatively performs welding works. At the same time it is worth remembering that for welding works of a quotation of some companies not always depend on complexity of an objective proceeding from what the price list welding works is formed without binding to labor costs of those operations which in it are specified.

If you wish to find the welding works of a quotation accepted at the price, but at the same time efficiency, quality, and a guarantee of the carried-out operations are necessary for you, we suggest to order welding works of any complexity in our company.

We are sure that deciding on the customer, and comparing the prices of welding works of other companies with the cost of our services, you will be pleasantly surprised that the cost of welding works of our company is favourably allocated from the prices of competitors.

Before beginning to perform welding works in Kiev or Kiev region, our company tpravlyat the expert for an assessment of time, material and financial expenditure which can be spread out to the following components:
- costs of expendables. We perform welded works only with use of the expendables that gives the chance to guarantee us high quality of our production;
- cost of labor costs. By this criterion carrying out welding works is carried out by specialists of the company with an optimum ratio of the price and quality;
- cost of depreciation of the equipment. The depreciation coefficient on use of the equipment is already considered in a total cost of welding works in Kiev, and does not demand from our clients of additional payment.

At the moment "Windows. Balconies" offers our clients high-quality services:
- electric welding;
- gas welding.

Ordering performance of welding works in Kiev, in the company "Windows. Balconies", you receive strong confidence in quality and efficiency of welding works as before beginning any welding works (svarochno installation works), we suggest to sign to our clients the contract in which our obligations and your rights, terms of performance and a quotation will be defined. You call to us, and already today get a quality welding job, on priyemlemyma to the prices.

Thanks to the technical and design characteristics, the PVC windows are the leader at arrangement of houses.

From "the Window Kiev" to you it will be comfortable!

Energy saving plastic windows reliably protect your house from cold, strong wind, street noise, dust. Besides, thanks to the fact that they possess fine energosbergayushchy properties help to save costs of energy carriers significantly.

Metalplastic windows - guarantee of heat, comfort and silence in your house.

Windows from the leading producer of metaloplastikovy designs in Ukraine

Only qualitative production

Low cost of a window

The term of production is from 5 days:

The raised guarantee - 5 years!

Favorable payment by installments and credit:

"Windows Kiev" cooperates with several banks, trying to obtain conditions on the credits and payment by installments, favorable to the buyers. At the moment "Windows Kiev" are available payment by installments of 0% without initial payment to customers and the best conditions on the credit in the market.

The Windows Kiev company is engaged in a zastekleniye of balkn, loggias. Zastekleniye of balconies and loggias - a complex challenge, is feasible to professionals. Having entrusted this task of the Windows Kiev company you receive:

- individual consultation as your house and possible options of a zastekleniye of a balcony;

- individual calculation of load of a balcony and calculation of cost of a zastekleniye of a balcony or loggia;

- consultation on further finishing of a balcony or loggia.

The price of installation of a double-glazed window of a balcony, loggia, depends on glazing type which you will choose of the additional elements necessary for installation and services in installation and dismantle of an old glazing.

With balconies and loggias "Kiev" your house will become even cozier and warmer than the Window.

You are at a loss with the choice? You want to receive the most favorable offer? You call or leave the phone, we will contact you.

Invite the manager for consultation at home and exact measurement. Our experts will make professional calculation of the window chosen by you.

Carrying out of a balcony.

Also our company provides services in carrying out of a balcony.

It is possible to increase the area of a balcony in two ways that considerably will increase internal space of a balcony or loggia:

  1. Expansion of a balcony on a floor (plate) on 50 cm;
  2. Carrying out of a balcony on a window sill on 25 cm - 35 cm.

Carrying out is a possibility of increase in internal space of a balcony or a loggia which is reached by installation of the window sill fixed on basic arms. As a result the glazing of balconies with carrying out allows to establish a frame on 25 - 35 cm from outer side, so, to expand a balcony on 25 - 35 cm!

Any carrying out of a balcony demands strengthenings of perimeter of a handrail of metal and installation of additional racks of a support. Not just a glazing metaloplastiky - expansion of a balcony is an engineering design. In certain cases production of a spatial all-welded design which fastens to a facade of the building and does not create any load of a balcony is required.

To establish carrying out, to expand a balcony, to make internal finishing (covering) of a balcony, you will be able to warm a balcony in our company" Windows Kiev".

Specialists of our company will competently carry out carrying out, expansion of a balcony or loggia.

Also beautiful appearance belongs to glazing pluses with a portable design. Besides, the glazing of balconies with carrying out is reliable and durable, strengthens a parapet of a balcony and promotes visual expansion of space.

Carrying out, expansion of a balcony, metaloplastikovy windows, warming of a balcony, glazing of a balcony or loggia, connection of a balcony with the room, kitchen.

The price is specified for direct carrying out of a balcony 30 cm. The size of a balcony is 3 m.

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Welding works. Carrying out of a balcony Kiev.
Welding works. Carrying out of a balcony Kiev.
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