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Welding mix

Passing to use of the protective gas mixes SG-1,SG-2, SG-3 and others, your company can increase welding productivity more than by 2 (two) times by transition to higher speed of welding than CO2.

It occurs at the expense of a smaller superficial tension of the melted metal owing to what spraying and splashing of electrode metal decreases by 70-80%. The insignificant quantity of splashes and surface slag in many cases excludes works on cleaning of the welded designs.

Advantages of welding mix:

  • the best form of a welding seam;
  • the best pro-melting of metal in a welding zone;
  • higher durability;
  • the heatinvestment and heating are less;
  • the buckling of products is less;
  • smaller spraying of metal when welding;
  • simpler processing of surfaces under coloring or galvanization;
  • lack of sharp breaks and concentrates of internal tension;
  • impact strength is higher;
  • the risk of a prozhog of thin-walled details is less;
  • the high speed of welding is possible;
  • more economical use of expensive welding wire;
  • the heating of a reducer is not required;
  • high stability of an arch;
  • bigger admissible range of adjustments;
  • smaller sensitivity to fluctuations of tension in a network and the speed of giving of a wire;
  • more effective use of opportunities of import welding machines;
  • for different brands of steel it is possible to choose the composition of mix;
  • it is possible to cook a stainless steel;
  • the zabryzgivaniye of a protective mask is less;
  • it is less than smoke and harmful welding aerosols - it is better than a working condition for welders.

Distribution of consumers of gas mixes on areas of the industry and scopes of application

Gas welding mixes and the recommended area of their application.

Percentage of this or that gas in mix is accepted proceeding from thickness of the welded metal, degree of its alloying and requirements imposed to welded connections depending on product service conditions.

Table 1 Gas welding mixes and the recommended area of their application

Composition of gas welding mix Welded


80-95% of Ar + 20-5% of CO2 Carbonaceous and alloyed constructional became Drop or jet transfer of electrode metal. Stability of an arch. Welding of metals of a wide range of thickness.
81% of Ar + 18% of CO2 + 0,8% of O2 Carbonaceous and alloyed constructional became Drop or jet transfer of electrode metal. Is ideally suited for welding of metals of small thickness.

Table 1. Characteristics of process of welding

Protective gas Isv, And Ud, In Q, kg/h Y, % NSA, %
CO2 200-210 22-23 2,3 4,7 1,5
300-310 30-33 4,3 6,7 2,0
97%Ar +3% of O2 200-210 21-22 3,0 1,4 0,2
300-310 29-30 4,3 0,5 -
80%Ar + 20% of CO2 200-210 24-25 3,7 3,8 0,3
300-310 30-31 6,0 2,9 0,3
81%Ar + 18% of CO2 + 0,8% of O2 200-210 25-26 3,7 3,2 0,2
300-310 30-31 6,0 2,9 0,2

(*) B to the table gave average values of coefficients according to three measurements;
(**) Welding of samples is made by a wire like Sv-10GSMT.

Table 5 Mechanical properties of the built-up metal

Protective gas st, MPa sb, MPa d, % Y, % KCU, J/cm2
+ 20 °C - 40 °C
CO2 401 546 27,0 62,4 14,1 8,4
97%Ar +3% of O2 385 590 28,0 60,0 20,0 12,0
80%Ar + 20% of CO2 395 580 30,0 65,0 24,0 16,0
81%Ar + 18% of CO2 + 0,8% of O2 392 583 29,5 63,5 23,5 15,3

Features of welding in mixes of gases.

Considering that mix of gases on the basis of argon is lighter, than CO2, when welding it is necessary to meet some conditions:

  • Welding of a message, whenever possible "corner" forward;
  • The departure of a welding wire has to be optimum depending on diameter of a wire (15-20th);
  • To exclude an air suction, as in connections of hoses, and nozzles with a torch.

It should be noted that when welding in mixes on the basis of argon process of welding is stable, in comparison with welding in CO2, even at some unevenness of giving of a welding wire, and also existence on a surface of a wire of traces of technological greasing and a rust.

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