Buy Waterproofing of "Evolit-Gidro" Plaster
Waterproofing of "Evolit-Gidro" Plaster

Waterproofing of "Evolit-Gidro" Plaster

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Waterproofing Evolit-Gidro Shtukaturny

Waterproofing of surfaces of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, foam-concrete and gas-concrete designs of different function

�Эволит-Гидро� Штукатурный� a waterproofing - the high-strength waterproofing and repair unicomponent structure representing the loose powder of gray color which is not containing lumps and mechanical impurity. The portlandtsement, a quartz filler and active chemical additives are a part of material.


Waterproofing of surfaces of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, foam-concrete and gas-concrete designs of different function in cases when additional alignment of a surface is required.

Technology of application

Preparation of the basis:

To clear a surface on which the structure, from pollution will be applied (dust, dirt, a cement film, oil products, oil, fats and so forth).

To remove the weakened and fragile sites of a surface in the mechanical way to the intact concrete.

The surface of the basis has to be damp.

Average expense:

The average consumption of dry mix makes:

  • 1,8-1,9 kg/sq.m (on 1 mm of thickness).

Solution preparation:

Solution prepares in a proportion:

  • 0,2 l of water on 1 kg of dry mix.

Solution needs to be prepared in such quantity that it was used within 4 hours.

To fill up dry mix in in advance measured amount of water with the temperature of 15-25 0C. To mix solution within 5 minutes to a uniform smetanoobrazny consistence using a betonosmesitel or the electric drill with a special nozzle. To sustain 10 minutes for dissolution of chemical additives. Before drawing once again intensively to mix solution. It is forbidden to add water to solution repeatedly!

Performance of work:

To apply solution manually (the pallet, a trowel etc.) or mechanically (a torkret-gun, car for plaster drawing).

To make leveling of solution manually, using graters and semi-graters. Thickness of putting solution has to be not less than 6 mm.

When drawing on a vertical surface of a layer more than 50 mm thick for prevention of slipping and flaking it is recommended to use the reinforcing grid.

When laying material on the surface which is strongly absorbing water (a gas concrete, foam concrete, etc.) it is necessary to use a primer. As a primer it is possible to use latex or the primer prepared from �Эволит-Гидро� Штукатурный� a waterproofing and waters in the ratio 1:1.

Care of a covering:

At humidity of air less than 95% within days after completion of works the processed surfaces should be humidified with water.

Putting painting and finishing materials:

On a mineral basis the waterproofing is recommended to put painting, bituminous, gidrofobiziruyushchy, epoxy and other structures of an organic origin, and also finishing materials not earlier than in 3 days later after drawing �Эволит-Гидро� Штукатурный�.

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Waterproofing of "Evolit-Gidro" Plaster
Waterproofing of "Evolit-Gidro" Plaster
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