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Washer odnovitkovy F27 SSh 27

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Ukraine, Druzhkovka
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДружковский метизный завод
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

Bolt of mortgage M22x175 

Bolts mortgage GOST 16017-79 are applied to an attachment of metal linings and rails to the reinforced concrete subrail bases in rail fastenings.

- it is used in a fastening of KB50 and KB65.
- bolts are completed with M22 nuts in accordance with GOST 16018-79.

Technical characteristics

Length, mm.


Diameter of a carving, mm


Step of a carving, mm


Durability class


Accuracy class


Weight, kg



Bolts railway ways, mortgage for rail fastenings (an accuracy class In) GOST 16017


Bolts mortgage for rail fastenings of a railway track of M22x175

Steel brand: 20
Accuracy class: In
Durability class: 5,8
Carving tolerance zone: 8d
Weight is 1000 pieces: M22x175-621 of kg, M22x185-647,5kg


Design and sizes. 

Inserted bolts for rail track fastenings. 
Design and dimensions. 
Technical requirements

16017-79 *

In exchange 
GOST 16017-70

The term of introduction is established to No. 1547 by the resolution of the State committee of the USSR on standards of April 26, 1979

from 01.01.81

The resolution of Gosstandart No. 523 lifted of 03.06.92 a limit of validity period

The present standard extends to mortgage bolts of normal accuracy (an accuracy class In) and rough accuracy (an accuracy class C), applied to an attachment of metal linings or rails to the reinforced concrete subrail bases in rail fastenings.

By delivery of mortgage bolts for rail fastenings for export it is necessary to consider the requirements of the present standard and GOST 16018-79 shown to these bolts.

Requirements of the present standard are obligatory.

(Amended wording, Amendment No. 1, 4).


1.1. The design and the sizes of mortgage bolts have to correspond specified on the drawing.

Execution 1 
(an accuracy class In)

Execution 2 
(accuracy class C)

Execution 3 
(accuracy class C)

Head option

" dcp, where dcp - the average diameter of a carving.

Option of an index flute

* the Sizes are specified taking into account height of seams from the socket of matrixes, flows of metal in corners a subhead and agnails from an obsechka obloya.

Identification number of a mortgage bolt of a class of accuracy In, executions 1, diameter of a carving of d = 22 mm, with a big stride of a carving, with a tolerance zone 8g, 175 mm long, a class of durability 3.6, from quiet steel, with a zinc covering 15 microns thick, hromatirovanny:

 M22 bolt - 8g  ´ 175.36.C.0115 of GOST 16017-79

The same, an accuracy class With, executions 2, from automatic steel without zinc covering:

 C2 M22 bolt - 8g  ´ 175.36.A  of GOST 16017-79.

(Amended wording, Amendment No. 2, 3).

1.2. Production of bolts from 145 to 225 mm long and carving ranging from 40 to 84 mm long in coordination of the consumer with the manufacturer is allowed. At the same time length of a bolt has to be appointed multiple 10 mm, and length of a carving multiple:

4 mm - with a length of carving up to 60 mm a key.;

6 mm     "        "          "     St. 60 mm.

1.3. The option of production of a head and a profile of an index flute establishes manufacturer.

(Amended wording, No. 3 Amendment).


2.1. Mortgage bolts have to be produced according to requirements of the present standard and GOST 1759.0-87 for the working drawings approved in accordance with the established procedure.

2.2. Mechanical properties of bolts have to correspond to a class of durability 3.6, 4.8 or 5.8 in accordance with GOST 1759.4-87.

2.1, 2.2. (Amended wording, No. 3 Amendment).

2.3. Mortgage bolts have to have a covering 9 - 18 microns thick, zinc with chromatizing or passivating. Requirements to a covering - in accordance with GOST 9.301-86. In coordination of the manufacturer with the consumer mortgage bolts can be made without covering.

(Amended wording, No. 1 Amendment).

2.4. A carving - in accordance with GOST 24705-81. After the admission of 8 g in accordance with GOST 16093-81.

2.4a. The bolt core thickening under a head more than 1,0 mm on length of 25 mm is not allowed.

(No. 2 Amendment is entered in addition).

2.5. Shift of an axis of a head and a subhead concerning an axis of a core of a bolt should not be more than 0,9 mm.

2.6. The deviation from perpendicularity of an axis of an index flute is allowed to a big axis of a head of a bolt to 5 ° and flute axis shift from its diametrical situation to 2 mm.

Flute shift on a smaller axis is not controlled.

(Amended wording, No. 3 Amendment).

2.7. To mark: trademark or symbol of manufacturer and year of production (two last figures).

Height of signs of marking - not less than 8 mm, thickness - not less than 1 mm, camber - not less than 0,5 mm.

2.8. Weight is 1000 bolts (help):

635 kg - in executions  1 and 3    ;

591 kg - performed by  2 .


1. When application of bolts both performed by  1 , and performed by  2 or 3 is possible   , the mass of bolts performed by  1 has to be specified in design documentation.

2. Change of mass of 1000 bolts at change of their length on 10 mm should not be more:

25,7 kg - for executions  1 and 3    ;

29,8 kg - for execution  2 .

2.9. Acceptance procedures - in accordance with GOST 17769-83.

2.10. Control methods of bolts - in accordance with GOST 1759.0-87.

Tests of mechanical properties of bolts have to be carried out at the customer's request according to GOST 1759.4-87.

Measurement of hardness and test on a gap on a slanting washer are not carried out.

Admissions of the sizes, forms and an arrangement of surfaces and methods of their control - in accordance with GOST 1759.1-82.

Defects of a surface and control methods - in accordance with GOST 1759.2-82.

(Amended wording, Amendment No. 2, 3).

2.11. Quality control of a zinc covering - in accordance with GOST 9.302-88.

2.12. (It is excluded, No. 2 Amendment).

2.13. Packing of bolts and marking of a container - in accordance with GOST 18160-72.

2.14. Bolts have to be completed with nuts in accordance with GOST 16018-79.

Transportation of bolts and nuts unpacked is allowed, at the same time the possibility of their mixing has to be excluded.

2.15. Transportation of bolts unpacked on railway platforms is not allowed.


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Washer odnovitkovy F27 SSh 27
Washer odnovitkovy F27 SSh 27
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