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As much know, the joint of any most qualitative conveyor tape represents one of weak points of the conveyor in general and periodically demands service. For joining of the conveyer belt use methods of hot, cold curing, or mechanical connectors. Our vulcanizers give the chance to join any rezinotkanevy and rezinotrosovy tapes by method of hot curing as new and (second - hand) former use, thereby being universal. When using our vulcanizers the joint of a tape is the most effective and strong of all types of joining of a conveyor tape and has in turn a number of advantages which are described below on the website. If you want to be the first among the competitors, buy our vulcanizers of excellent quality for more than reasonable money in comparison with such pressa as Nilos, Wagener Schwelm, etc.

  Pneumatic VKLP - 1600kh1000m with a set of delivery and the description you see technical characteristics of a vulcanizer of conveyer belts below on the website. Also we report that parameters of a vulcanizer and in the investigation its cost depends on many factors. After filling of the questionnaire, our experts will pick up a concrete vulcanizer which will conform to all requirements of the customer. Call!


The vulcanizer press of conveyer belts pneumatic VKLP - 1600kh1000m is intended for joining and repair of rezinotkanevy conveyer belts up to 1600 mm wide by method of hot curing. The vulcanizer has a block design and is the portable device, allowing to carry out curing at different types of repair work, as in a workshop, and directly on the conveyor. Food of a vulcanizer is carried out from network of three - phase alternating current of 380 V, with a frequency of 50 Hz with a glukhozazemlenny neutral. Pressure testing of the vulcanized site of the conveyer belt is carried out by means of a pneumatic diaphragm and the air compressor. This type of a vulcanizer has an opportunity to vulcanize a tape up to 30 mm thick.



The vulcanizer of the VKLP - M series consists of the following main parts:

1 – frame;

2 – lower beam;

3 – heating plates;

4 – top beam;

5 – pneumatic diaphragm;

6 – block of regulation and management (BRTU);

7 – compressor station;

8 – coupling device;

9 – termomentr bimetallic;

 10 – toolbox.

 The heating plate is the main part of a vulcanizer and is intended for transformation of electric energy in thermal, and also for transfer of efforts of press system to the vulcanized site of a tape. Heating plates are made of aluminum alloy with application of a special profile. As heaters flat heating elements of the increased reliability and safety are used. The supply of electric energy is carried out by means of the heatresistant electric socket installed on a forward wall of a plate. For visual control of temperature the special nest for the portable thermometer is provided in manual control mode in a plate.

The top and lower beams are executed in the form of a rectangular pipe and intended for uniform transfer of effort from a pneumatic diaphragm through heating plates on the vulcanized site of the conveyer belt. For transportation in the lower and top beams openings into which carbines of handles for carrying are inserted are executed. For convenience of assembly and dismantling works and for the purpose of decrease in thermal losses on the lower beams textolite slips are established.

The block of regulation of temperature and management (BRTU) is intended for management of work of a vulcanizer, measurement and automatic control of temperature on a working surface of a heating plate in the set range, and indication of operating modes of a vulcanizer.

BRTU provides:

1) measurement and automatic maintenance of temperature of heating plates in the range of 150 of ±5 ºС;


2) start - up and a stop of a vulcanizer by means of a push - button post of management;

3) indication of work with the help of light indicators "NETWORK", "HEATING", "WORK";

4) alarm system of damage of chains of sensors of temperature;

5) protection against break and short circuit in chains of sensors of temperature;

6) work of a vulcanizer in automatic and manual control modes;

7) zero and maximum current protection;

8) food of compressor station.

BRTU has the four - channel execution which is carrying out independent measurement and automatic control of temperature of the heating plates connected to channels 1, 2, 3 and 4, independent indication of operation of channels, and also the general push - button post of management.

BRTU consists of the case which has two compartments: hardware and cable. On the forward panel of a hardware compartment are located: PUSK button - "FEET", automatic switch, digital measuring instruments regulators of temperature, switches of operating modes of "AVT" - "RUChN" indicators "HEATING", "NETWORK", "WORK".

In a cable compartment the input connector, 4 cables with sockets for connection of BRTU to heating plates and a cable with the socket for connection of compressor station are located.

The coupling device represents a coupling hairpin and a special nut of M36 under a wrench S=55.

In the lower part of a hairpin the lyska intended for fixing of the coupling device in the lower beam and prevention of rotation of a hairpin is executed.

The compressor station is intended for creation of pressure in a pneumatic diaphragm no more than 0, 8 MPas (8 kgfs/cm2) and consists of a protective frame, the Metabo compressor and the distributor intended for connection of one or two pneumatic diaphragms and dumping of pressure into them upon termination of curing process.

 The pneumatic diaphragm is intended for pressure testing of the site of curing by pressure of 0, 8 MPas (8 kgfs/cm2). For convenience when transporting and assembly and dismantling works, prevention of mechanical damage and increase in service life the diaphragm on both sides is closed by sheets of waterproof bakelitovy plywood.

 Handles are intended for carrying of heating plates and beams to the place of work. For this purpose on heating plates are established the 4th eye bolt, and on beams special openings are executed.

The frame is intended for convenience of installation and transportation of a vulcanizer and represents a welded design from a profile pipe. In special pins of a frame the lower beams of a vulcanizer by what are established the set corner - 18º30' and the correct relative positioning of beams is provided. Thanks to a bilateral arrangement of pins performance of joining irrespective of the direction of a bevel is possible.


  ADVANTAGES and ADVANTAGES (which there is a lot of):

  • the maximum durability of joining of a tape (as new and second - hand, due to flexibility of heating plates, see a photo);
  • elasticity of butt connection;
  • high efficiency and long term of operation;
  • uniform thickness of a tape in the place of a joint;
  • bystry resumption of work after joining;
  • ability to carry out joining of a conveyor tape at high dust content and subzero temperatures of the environment;
  • high level electro - and fire safety;
  • high reliability of heaters (in 10 years of operation any case of failure is not registered);
  • exception of dispersal of material from a tape in junctions;
  • beating exception on rollers and drums (in cases with use of metal brackets, bolts and other connections);
  • design blochnost (which allows to manage one person in repairs of a tape);
  • heating plates are made of elastic light alloys with use of the patented heating elements with superficially – the distributed thermal emission of the increased reliability and profitability;
  • connection of heating plates to electric network is carried out by means of heat - resistant power PROCON sockets of Walther (Germany);
  • compressor station of the Metabo trademark (Germany);
  • possibility of production of a vulcanizer with a length of joint from 500 mm to 2000 mm for more strict requirements connected with service conditions of the tape and length of the conveyor;
  • not big cost in comparison with the western competitors;
  • training of personnel at production at the customer, recommendations;
  • guarantee and post - guarantee maintenance;
  • guarantee of 18 months from the moment of commissioning and mn. dr.

  According to the specification (S) of the customer we have an opportunity and are ready to develop our CB a vulcanizer which is perhaps not presented in a line of the released standard sizes. Our enterprise is a developer of this type of the equipment and is ready to fulfill any requirements of the customer! Call, we guarantee high quality for reasonable money!

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