Order Ventilation of private houses (rooms)
Ventilation of private houses (rooms)

Ventilation of private houses (rooms)

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Ventilation of private houses (rooms) was carried out in the natural way due to the movement of the air caused by a difference of temperatures through not density of wooden windows, doors and elements of a design of the house earlier. Now in most cases, the only correct solution of this problem, the organization of flowing exhaust ventilation is.

Systems of ventilation: energy saving ventilation

Any scheme of ventilation has to provide inflow of external air and an extract of fulfilled, providing these balance of air in rooms and observance of standard air exchange. Let's say you have an extract in kitchen, and in a bathroom and a bathroom there are exhaust fans, than removal of the fulfilled air is provided, but at the same time you have no inflow of fresh air. You decide to open windows on airing, but face a problem of a sharp vystuzhivaniye of the room in the winter, a problem of dust and noise from the street, draft and sharp differences of temperatures. At the same time our aspirations to reduce expenses on heating (conditioning) are reduced to zero. And we, having laid out considerable money for reconstruction of the house, we still do not see desirable effect.

Forced and exhaust ventilation

To solve a problem of effective ventilation of the house and at the same time not to lose heat, the decentralized system of ventilation with recovery of heat will help. An essence of this system in use of the heat exchanger in which the coming-out "fulfilled" air transfers to warmly entering "fresh".

Thus, will provide to ventilation in the summer supply of the external air filtered cooled, and in the winter filtered and warmed up, and also removal fulfilled, the polluted internal air.

Installations of system of ventilation can be local, on one room,

or to have the extensive network of air ducts allowing to carry out ventilation of all house, using one block of forced-air and exhaust installation.

As if there was no wish to combine simplicity of the antiquated house and comfort of modern cottages, most likely, it is necessary to go all the way, and, having decided on replacement of windows and effective warming of a facade (especially penopolistirolam), to think of the structure of modern forced-air and exhaust system of ventilation with recovery.

We want to bring to your attention several models. The Forced-air and Exhaust Installations (FAEI) in recovery of heat which in our opinion are most suitable our realities of life.

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Ventilation of private houses (rooms)
Ventilation of private houses (rooms)
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