Buy Varnish bakelitovy LBS-20, LBS-1
Varnish bakelitovy LBS-20, LBS-1

Varnish bakelitovy LBS-20, LBS-1

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Ukraine, Lvov
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The varnish bakelitovy LBS-1 represents solution of phenol formaldehyde pitch of cutting type in ethyl alcohol and 901-78 are made in accordance with GOST. The varnish spirit is intended for pasting, impregnation, a covering of various materials, for protection of heatexchange and other equipment against influence of technical hot water, weak and average solutions of acids and salts, for coloring oil and gasoline tanks, in structures binding for layered plastics.

Phenol formaldehyde pitches represent products of polycondensation of phenol with formaldehyde. Depending on a ratio of initial components, the used catalyst (alkaline or acid), conditions of carrying out reaction and existence of the modifying additives receive pitches with various properties. From paints and varnishes on the basis of cutting phenol formaldehyde the bakelitovy varnish of LBS-1 (GOST 901-78) received a primemeneniye. After drawing on a surface the film of a varnish is subjected by bakelization, i.e. heat treatment on the special mode with gradual temperature increase to 160-170 C therefore mesh structure of polymer. The advantage of coverings on the basis of bakelitovy varnishes is their high hardness, resistance to influence of water, oil products, mineral acids, solution of salts, organic solvents, the increased temperature (to 160 C). However as paints and varnishes they find limited application because of fragility of the received film, weak adhesion and instability to mechanical influences which is explained by high internal tension in a covering.

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Varnish bakelitovy LBS-20, LBS-1
Varnish bakelitovy LBS-20, LBS-1
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