Buy V. Dikul Sports gel-balm 100 of ml
V. Dikul Sports gel-balm 100 of ml

V. Dikul Sports gel-balm 100 of ml

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Form of release of the Tube of 75 ml. 100 ml of the Contraindication Individual intolerance of components. Active Extract of a Medical Bloodsucker components, mummy, propolis, oil of a tea tree, sea-buckthorn oil, fresh-water sponge, ginkgo of a bilob, complex of extracts, vitanol. Action Extract of a medical bloodsucker - makes active a vascular blood-groove, improves capillary and fabric exchange, has angiospastichesky effect, removes puffiness of nervous backs, improves to a traffic of fabrics, promotes a softening connecting tkannykh growths and to removal of salt deposits. Mumiye - one of the most powerful biostimulators, intensifies reparative processes in tissues of bones and joints, reduces a pain syndrome, is effective synergist, several times strengthening action of herbs. Propolis and oil of a tea tree - have the expressed antibacterial properties, stimulate immune protection, prevent accession of an infection and development of purulent complications. Sea-buckthorn oil - promotes regeneration of skin without formation of hems. The fresh-water sponge - a fresh-water sponge, possesses unique rassasyvayushchy and bactericidal action, promotes a bystry rassasyvaniye of bruises and bruises, accelerates healing of bruises. The ginkgo of a bilob - improves blood circulation (that number, capillary), actively promotes a rassasyvaniye of hematomas and reduction of hypostases. The complex of extracts - considerably accelerates regenerative processes, improves microcirculation in the place of application, stimulates exchange processes in integuments, interferes with formation of cosmetic defects. Vitanol - a biostimulator of new generation, intensifies processes of healing of the damaged fabrics, increases protective properties of an integument. To apply a method of application to Balsas with a thin layer on an affected area of skin within 3-5 minutes 3-4 times a day. At stretching after putting balm to apply the fixing bandage. Special instructions in case of allergic reactions to stop application and to consult with the doctor. The description Sports balm of Valentin Dikul - highly effective means for external application at small closed (without injury of skin) sports and home accidents, developed by the academician Valentin Ivanovich Dikul. According to the center of a sports injury of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, from 100 athletes taking prizes on the largest international tournaments 90 along with medals got various injuries. Quite often people are traumatized also in life: on walk, at house cleaning, at the dacha, during active recreation. Because of slow regeneration of fabrics, injuries are especially dangerous to elderly people. Effect of Sports balm of Valentin Dikul is directed to activization of recovery processes in the damaged fabrics. To reduction of a pain syndrome and prevention of complications. Natural components of balm stimulate blood circulation and a limfoottok, promote improvement of metabolism in the injured area, removal of an inflammation and puffiness, interfere with the destroying action of free radicals which are strenuously formed in the place of a trauma. The sports balm created by V. Dikul as a result of long-term practice will help to get rid as fast as possible of consequences of injuries, both sports, and household. The most widespread and often happening injuries are bruises, stretchings, dislocations, fractures, microinjuries of muscles and vertebras accompanied with developing of pain, puffiness and hematomas. A bruise This closed damage of soft fabrics with pain, a swelling, a hematoma (bruise). The sports balm containing extracts of a fresh-water sponge, arnica and a medical bloodsucker will quickly kill pain, will accelerate rassasyvany hematomas. Stretching, a rupture of sheaves or muscles Is followed not only severe pain, but also hypostasis, hemorrhage, sharp restriction of the movement. Medical components of balm will reduce pain, will remove hypostasis, intensify restoration of walls of vessels, will improve blood circulation. Dislocations and fractures At dislocations and fractures there is a deformation of a joint, violation of integrity of an articulate or bone tissue. And also at microinjuries of vertebras, Sports balm will give effective help in the rehabilitation period in these cases, will accelerate healing, will improve food of fabrics, will reduce puffiness and pain. Muscular pains Arise at considerable overloads as a result of accumulation in muscles of nedookislenny products of metabolism (lactic acid), action of free radicals, and in hard cases - microinjuries of muscle fibers. Extracts of a ginkgo of a bilob, ginseng and highly effective biostimulator vitanol, contained in balm, counteract oxidizing processes and stimulate blood circulation, prevent development of muscular ischemia, intensify metabolism and a conclusion of products of exchange, accelerate healing processes. Sports balm of Valentin Dikul possesses the patented system of the active getting microcapsules of long action which serve as a protective cover and the vehicle for medical components of balm thanks to what they quickly and without loss come to the center of defeat and other creams and balms keep there longer, than. It allows to reach necessary concentration of active agents in the injured area and to gain the maximum effect of balm influence. Any trauma requires a close attention. Undertreated injuries often have the remote negative consequences and can result in cosmetic defects, post-traumatic arthroses, deformation of joints up to development of contractures, to become a cause of infringement of mobility of joints and a backbone, deterioration of life. Advantages of Sports balm of Valentin Dikul Contains only natural natural ingredients. Makes complex impact on the injured area. Promotes bystry restoration of the damaged fabrics and improvement of their functional state. Does not contain hormonal and narcotic components. It is well transferred. It can be applied it is long without negative consequences. Efficiency of balm is confirmed with clinical practice. Scope: in complex therapy of sports and home accidents (bruises, sprains and articulate bags, a hematoma, postravmatichesky contractures, during the rehabilitation period); bone and muscular pains of various genesis; as supportive application at post-traumatic diseases of joints and a backbone; for the purpose of prevention at the raised load of joints; at a muscular tension and fatigue; functional frustration after a fracture and dislocations (rigidity of joints, muscular changes, cicatricial unions of fabrics). Structure Water, a liposomalno-emulsion complex No. 3 (stearin acid, wax emulsion Neowax, glycerin, vegetable oil, lanolin waterless, propylene glycol, IT microcarat, nimesulid, sodium hydroxide, antioxidant of Grindoks), sea-buckthorn oil, essential oil of a tea tree, sage extract, camomile extract, aloe extract, propolis extract, ginseng extract, extract of a devyasil, menthol, extract of a ginkgo of a bilob, mummy, piyavit, vitanol, a fresh-water sponge, a collagen hydrolyzate, D - pantenol, lanolin, DMP microcarat, perfumery composition). To Store storage conditions at a temperature from +5 to +25 °C. Expiration date 2 years.
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V. Dikul Sports gel-balm 100 of ml
V. Dikul Sports gel-balm 100 of ml
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