Buy Universal container EK-01-volume 0,6l
Universal container EK-01-volume 0,6l

Universal container EK-01-volume 0,6l

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Universal container EK - 01 - volume 0,6l
The container is intended for collecting any kinds of waste, regardless of their amount and places of education. It is recommended for use in laboratories, including when collecting tips of multichannel pipettes. The container is also convenient for collecting intravenous catheters and needles for a spinal puncture.
Technical characteristics - the description:
Container: an oval form volume 0,6l, color according to a danger class.
Sizes: height is 15 cm, width of a long axis is 10,0 cm, width of a short axis 6,7sm, thickness of a wall is from 1 to 2 mm. The bottom of the container has an opening with grooves for fixing on a working surface by means of an arm. Diameter of an opening 5,5sm.
The cover hermetically closes the container and fastens by means of a crossing point,
the wedge - shaped locking device, width of a long axis of 10,0 cm, width of a short axis 6,7sm, plait length 2,1sm has.
Iglosjemnik: width of a long axis of 10,24 cm, width of short axis 7 of cm, height 0,85sm is established on the container as required. There are four devices for dumping of needles and a loading opening the size 5,5 * 7sm.
Key advantages:
1. It is possible to use both with the panel for removal of needles, and without it.
2. The oval Opening of 10 * 7 cm in size allows to collect large waste (gloves, tampons, bandages, etc. ) and to dump needles without excess efforts.
3. Is suitable for collecting needles of difficult type: needles for a biopsy, fistulny needles, intravenous catheters, braunyul.
4. The only container which is suitable for dumping of tips of multichannel pipettes.
5. The extended Form allows to presoak completely waste, using smaller quantity of a disinfectant.
6. Steadily fastens to a surface of tables and other surfaces by means of a clamp.
7. Containers are easily separated after warehousing, thanks to stiffening ribs.
8. The cover of the container provides tight storage of waste.
9. The locking mechanism of a cover excludes a possibility of a reuse of the container.
10. Takes not enough place on a table.

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Universal container EK-01-volume 0,6l
Universal container EK-01-volume 0,6l
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