Buy Unilateral single-tier protection.
Unilateral single-tier protection.

Unilateral single-tier protection.

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The company together with the state enterprise of "Rosdorniya", in 2008, developed new specifications of TU At V. 2.3 - 28.1 - 32453930 - 004:2009. At the same time new design decisions were applied. Also when developing protections experience of the largest European producers was considered. All types of designs passed tests on the ground of Federal State Unitary Enterprise NAMI to Dmitrov of the Moscow region and are recognized conforming to the European EN 1317-1/98 and EN 1317-2/98 standard.

Main advantages:
  • All elements of a barrier protection are zinced with method of hot galvanizing that provides the greatest possible term of operation in comparison with other ways of anticorrosive processing.
  • Production capacities and warehouse stocks of finished goods allow to carry out delivery to the shortest time.
design No. The profile is resistant Thickness of a beam, mm The step of racks, m, is no more The holding ability, kJ, is not less.
The cross deflection, m, is no more
No. 1 (and, in, d) a) 120×80×5
(m h3=1,1)
3 2,0 190 H1 1,5
4 2,0 250
b) No. 12
(m h3=1,1)
4 1,0 250
2,0 190
c) No. 14
(m h3=1,1)
3 2,0 190
4 4,0 130
d) No. 16
(m h3=1,15)
3 2,0 250
4 2,0 300 H2
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Unilateral single-tier protection.
Unilateral single-tier protection.
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