Buy Ultrasonic otpugivatel of mice and rats "Tornado 800
Ultrasonic otpugivatel of mice and rats "Tornado 800

Ultrasonic otpugivatel of mice and rats "Tornado 800

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТорнадо
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The ultrasonic otpugivatel of mice and rats "800" differs in the Tornado big the area of action - to 800 square meters which is provided employment two radiators at once. By means of kronshteny you will be able to regulate the direction of influence of the device for fight against rodents. The device rabotatt absolutely silently that allows to use it in rooms where people reside. In the device the unique floating frequency of ultrasound is used that does not allow wreckers to adapt to work of otpugivatel. Resistant to thermal gradients that allows to use it against rodents even in the winter in rooms without heating.

It is impossible to get rid of rodents? Try ultrasonic otpugivatel!

If to trust scientists, small rodents live in our houses the last 10 thousand years. House mice and voles, gray rats and black get into the most different rooms where is though some food, quite often remain to live and breed there. Except direct loss to food stocks, they carry tens of dangerous diseases, damage property and can cause the fires (for example, closing electrical wiring). At the same time, all efforts on fight against them usually give only temporary effect or do not give any.

It seems that they cannot almost be won. Wreckers are accustomed to bypass traditional traps and traps, get used to poisons... And use of poisons can be dangerous not only for rodents, but also for people, and also pets.

Why fight against mice and rats ultrasound is better:

  • It is the most modern and effective way of solution with rodents checked in actual practice.
  • People and large animals do not hear ultrasound, or hear very weak peep, having approached closely source. Therefore the ultrasonic otpugivatel does not prevent to go about the own business in the house and does not influence adequate behavior of the large animals who are nearby — cats, dogs, etc.
  • Baits with poison, traps, etc. traditional means it is necessary to update constantly, and the otpugivatel does not demand service.
  • The wreckers who have got under its influence survive. It not only is humane, but also relieves of bodies of the dead little wild beasts decaying in the most hard-to-reach spots.

Advantages of ultrasonic otpugivatel of rodents "Tornado 800":

  • Bolshaya Square of influence. Provides effective disposal of mice and rats on the area up to 800 sq.m.
  • At once two multidirectional radiators provide the fullest coverage of all room.
  • The high performance confirmed with tests. Otpugivateli "Tornadoes" have successfully passed tests which have confirmed their efficiency in fight against rodents. The corresponding certificates are attached.
  • The otpugivatel with adjustment of the direction of radiator allows to establish or suspend convenient fastening.
  • Automatic reorganization of frequency. The supersonic generator of otpugivatel in the course of work constantly changes work frequency. It completely excludes accustoming of rodents to radiation. They do not manage to adapt to sound that forces them to leave the zone protected by the device in a hurry.
  • Power-supply circuit with protection against hindrances in network. The built-in transformer electrical power unit provides protection against hindrances in networks which can have an adverse effect on operation of the device.
  • Small electricity consumption. It is possible to leave the device included in network in 220 V constantly, do not worry that the counter "will wind" for large sums — the otpugivatel consumes only 10 Watts!
  • Broad range of working temperatures (from -40 °C to +80 °C) allows to use the device as in not heated rooms during the winter period, and in places with elevated temperature of air.

Principle of work of otpugivatel of rodents "Tornado 800".

The device against mice and rats " the Tornado 800 " — the simplest in use and at the same time the efficient device. Just include it in the socket, and it at once will begin to radiate ultrasound what the alarm LEDs located near each of radiators testify to. The person practically does not notice operation of the device, and here to rats and mice it becomes bad, very bad. And the closer to otpugivatel, the worse. Therefore they try to leave area of coverage of otpugivatel as it is possible further and any more do not return. The first results of application of otpugivatel are shown in several days of its use. Full cleaning of the territory of wreckers usually requires about 1-2 months of use of otpugivatel. After this term otpugivatel it is possible to apply periodically in the preventive purposes.

Availability of two radiators and floating frequency of ultrasound provide the maximum result

The T-800 model of model range of the Tornado trademark is equipped equipped with two radiators of ultrasound at once with working range of 18-70 kHz which create sound pressure in 102 dB at distance of 1 meter. Two generators allow to strengthen effect of influence and by that to capture the big area (to 800 sq.m).

At the same time the frightening-off signal published by the device automatically changes frequency every 1-5 minutes. It allows to exclude accustoming of wreckers to action of otpugivatel and by that guarantees their exile from the protected territory.

Where the ultrasonic otpugivatel "the Tornado 800" is used?

  1. In rooms: houses, at the dacha, in cellar, the cellar, in garage in any production or household rooms, at restaurants, cafe, shops, rest houses, etc. Moreover, thanks to multidirectional radiators, the otpugivatel perfectly is suitable for protection from wreckers of underground communications, tunnels, lift mines, hangars and corridors.
  2. It is possible to establish "the Tornado 800" indoors, but to direct it radiator to the street, for example, from window of country house on garden (kitchen garden).
"The tornado 800" in operating time does not make any sounds therefore he will not prevent you to work or have a rest in the range heard by the person. It can be used freely even in rooms where people reside.

The device of protection against rodents is very simple in installation and use

To start work establish one or several otpugivatel in the suitable place and turn on the device in network. Convenience of installation provides special rotary bracket which the otpugivatel on horizontal surface allows to establish or to attach to wall or ceiling with possibility of adjustment of the direction of radiator.

Specialists of the website note that the ultrasound extends like light, on straight lines, being reflected from firm objects and being absorbed by soft. Fabric, rags, furniture, etc. can weaken its influence therefore surely take care of that in the room where you are going to install the device, there were as little as possible such things.

Technical characteristics of otpugivatel of mice and rats of the Tornado-800:

  • The device makes impact on the area of 800 sq.m.
  • Quantity of ultrasonic radiators: 2 multidirectional radiators.
  • Range of the generated fluctuations: 18-70 kHz (ultrasound with automatic change of frequency).
  • Ultrasound pressure (at distance of 1 meter): 102 dB.
  • Food of otpugivatel is made from network of 220 V / 50 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 10 W.
  • Working temperature: from -40 °C to +80 °C.
  • Sizes of otpugivatel: 90 x 95 x 130 mm.
  • Weight: 500 grams.

Delivery set:

  • otpugivatel of rodents "Tornado 800";
  • maintenance instruction;
  • packaging.

Producer: Russia

Guarantee: 12 months

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Ultrasonic otpugivatel of mice and rats "Tornado 800
Ultrasonic otpugivatel of mice and rats "Tornado 800
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