Buy Twine for sausages, smoked products and meat delicacies
Twine for sausages, smoked products and meat delicacies

Twine for sausages, smoked products and meat delicacies

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Twine for the manual binding of all range of sausage and meat products (natural, twisted or twisted different color scale) - to provide to sausages special and unique appearance.

PF "ATIK TWIST" offers the clients exclusively individual selection of the necessary and most optimum type banding the twine and which is suitable for specific technology process, the method or the sales method, tastes of technical requirements and technology features, quality and the esthetic type for every taste.

All twine of our firm are made of the natural cotton or semi-synthetic yarn with the additive of color threads which give to brightness twine thanks to what it has the excellent esthetic appearance. According to individual customer orders for increase of explosive loading (reinforcing) we use the polypropylene multifilament thread (white or color) which gives to the twine not only the additional durability, and and unique chic.

Twine and threads are made:

  • in BASIC OPTION (the white yarn in connection with the color insert);
  • in EXCLUSIVE OPTION (homogeneous 100% color thread, or connections of flowers by request).
Each client can order any thickness of the twine in connection of any threads. For example "The twine color with the increased maintenance of color" (from 2-colored threads to 30 - 50% of the contents of color).

All types of twine and threads are made on two technologies:

  • double torsion (twisted). Thanks to this technology of the thread in the twine are practically not untwisted, the color thread is evenly placed and does not separate from structure of the twine, and color remains saturated and bright;
  • unary torsion (twisted). If your technologists, clients or employees got used to use the soft twine, or it is demanded by technology process - offer the twine twisted on technology of unary torsion. At twisted twine separate threads are twisted less densely and therefore in them there is no so-called rigidity instead there is such qualitative index as dimensions and softness of the twine.

Having considered tables with technical characteristics on our website, you imt the opportunity to compare and choose that type of the banding twine or threads which are suitable for your production or production of your client. You can order free of charge samples, order any party of the twine, or agree about permanent deliveries which will consider your mode and the working schedule.
The most typical colors which are applied to production of twine and threads and also popular combinations of flowers which you can order without fail (we ask to look in the section of "technologies" in more detail).
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Twine for sausages, smoked products and meat delicacies
Twine for sausages, smoked products and meat delicacies
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