Buy Turnkey summer cafe + an awning covering from the producer. Kharkiv. LLC VIGMA
Turnkey summer cafe + an awning covering from the producer. Kharkiv. LLC VIGMA

Turnkey summer cafe + an awning covering from the producer. Kharkiv. LLC VIGMA

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The summer platform is the frame and awning design covered with an awning from material PVC. The false ceiling from fabric decorates the summer platform and also colons the fitted by fabric, chiffon curtains with subelms emphasize lightness and create a cosiness.

LLC VIGMA makes Karkasno - Awning designs and provides services in dressing of summer platforms.

The awning design or tent for cafe is the easy, air design consisting of a metal design, a tent covering and curtains with beautiful garters. Under a covering of such tent it is pleasant to have a rest in hot or rainy day. The design in the form of a tent on the summer platform perfectly attracts clients who are ready to pay for quality and comfort generously.

You can choose any of the existing options of the tents presented by our enterprise, and we will make it according to your sizes in desirable color scale. If you are interested in original design of the summer platform in the only execution our experts will create and will realize your dream.

The frame and Awning Pavilion is a mobile quickly built architectural construction with an awning covering on a frame metal basis.

The metal construction is projected according to requirements of a zakzchik taking into account wind and snow loadings of this region. The PVC membrane fabric tense on a surface of a metal construction gives to all construction durability. PVC fabric is steady against frosts and solar heating, does not burn out.

We have the big range Awning, Tent and fabrics for Marquises, we cooperate with a number of large global manufacturers of fabrics: Spain, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia and China. For each case fabric is selected individually.

The cost of construction of frame and awning designs in comparison with monolithic constructions is significantly lower due to economy on the base as the frame and awning design does not demand the massive base. It is most not the road at the price a way of construction of volume rooms of any area.

One more plus is that we have an opportunity due to long-term experience and own technologies to build pavilions on not prepared platform without the brought networks just in an open field.

Advantages of the frame and awning designs made

VIGMA enterprise:

- Considerably low price of a product of rather capital construction.

- The shortest time from negotiations before production and installation of a design.

- Durability and reliability — it is checked by long-term experience of a design maintain wind and snow loadings.

- A possibility of dismantle of a design, keeping its integrity.

- Possibility of repeated use.

- A possibility of increase in the area in the future due to building of designs.

- Profitability in operation.

- You always have an opportunity to sell a design or to lease.

The designs made by us are used for:

- Summer platforms for cafe and restaurants (development of design, dressing by textiles)

- Marquises, peaks over windows (the range of fabrics)

- Canopies awning (any forms)

- Awning nakrytiya for beaches (a framework, an awning)

- Awning designs for the markets (malls, pavilions, tents)

- Awnings, tents, tents (any form and complexity)

- Avto-Tentov (production and repair)

- Peaks, canopies on booths (a metal framework, awning PVC a covering)

- Hangars (metal design, PVC awning, professional leaf)

- Pavilions (metal framework, awning PVC covering)

- Granary (metal construction, professional leaf, awning PVC covering)

- Warehouse (a metal construction a professional leaf, an awning from fabric PVC)

To learn the price of products and you can get advice having called our representative.

Our enterprise is a producer of all presented goods, working with us you obtain high quality and a guarantee for products at the same time without overpaying to intermediaries!

We invite to effective, mutually beneficial cooperation. Good luck to you in your affairs.

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Turnkey summer cafe + an awning covering from the producer. Kharkiv. LLC VIGMA
Turnkey summer cafe + an awning covering from the producer. Kharkiv. LLC VIGMA
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