Buy TRUNK CONIC "ChOK-BOR" Krivbass Diamond Model
TRUNK CONIC "ChOK-BOR" Krivbass Diamond Model

TRUNK CONIC "ChOK-BOR" Krivbass Diamond Model

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Krivbass Diamond model TsM 332 alloy brand



Trunk conic "Chok-Bor" (a nozzle abrazivostruyny), further - "Trunk", it is intended for high-speed cleaning of surfaces and receiving the required roughness and even cutting of metal, due to transformation of energy of pressure of compressed air into kinetic energy of abrasive particles.

The latest development allows is high-quality to clear various surfaces, and the most important to reduce aerodynamic resistance, to increase range of a two-component stream, to increase the speed of an abrasive and efficiency three times.

The resource of work of a nozzle during the work with steel fraction (DSL) – not less than 20 thousand m ² the processed surface, in case of application of abrasives from more solid materials the area of the processed surface - decreases: sand quartz – 10 thousand m ² and electrocorundum - 7 thousand m ², what is twice higher, in comparison with applied, and the cost of a trunk is significantly reduced.

At abrasive wear and increases in output section by 0,5-0,7 mm – the trunk turns over (self-profiling) in a collet clip. It allows to increase productivity and to provide the maximum resource of work.



Trunk of "ChOK-BOR" with a collet clip

The trunk thermostrengthened

Also we offer the trunks thermostrengthened metal at lower price, but with a smaller resource of work.

Be careful of fakes! If you want to receive reliable and qualitative goods, do not address to LLC METALLIST-KREMENCHUG and others similar. They have no right to make and sell products as the developer and patent holder Galchenko Nikolay Alekseevich categorically against fakes. Demand confirmation of the acquired goods and buy only from developers - LLC OGNEMASH-UKRAINA, Kryvyi Rih.


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TRUNK CONIC "ChOK-BOR" Krivbass Diamond Model
TRUNK CONIC "ChOK-BOR" Krivbass Diamond Model
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