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If you have an inflatable boat under the motor, a flat-bottomed boat or kilevy you can buy and independently establish trantsevy wheels that will allow to facilitate transportation of an inflatable boat to the coast with the boat motor installed on it and with all fishing equipment. Wheels are made of rubber, are resistant - galvanized steel. Fixing bolts, nuts and washers are included in the package. There is a cover for storage and carrying. The established wheels for boats on trantsevy system of your inflatable boat, by means of hairpins, can be fixed in top and the lower situation. At installation, special attention it is necessary to turn on strictly vertical position, concerning a horizontal of trentsevy system and to arrange them so that in the top situation they did not prevent to operate the boat motor.
After descent of the boat to water trantsevy wheels by means of carving hairpins are fixed in the top situation. The bend of a rack has to "look" in the boat, and wheels outside from the motor not to prevent management
On the rack height, diameter of a wheel and geometry in general - perfectly approach under all inflatable boats (motor flat-bottomed and kilevy) focused on operation with boat motors with a standard deadwood in 380 mm. Proceeding from the drawing it is possible to define that height of a trantsevy plate on has to exceed 50 cm.

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Transom wheels
Transom wheels
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