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Transom wheels

Transom wheels

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Wheel Size260 mm

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Trantsevy wheels for inflatable boats the KT series:
KT-1 (galvanized covered with polymer).
KT-1N (from a stainless steel).
KT-1A (aluminum).
KT-1U (extended).
KT-2 with the spring mechanism.
KT-3 - the automatic machine.
KT-3U - the automatic machine extended.
KT3H - The automatic machine from a stainless steel. (complete set).
KT4 - the budgetary model.
KT-5 transformers
KT-5N transformers stainless steel.
KT-6 facilitated
KT-8 trantsevy wheels with tranets for inflatable rowboats.
The price is from 550 UAH depending on model.

For wheels for the purpose of anticorrosive processing we do the following of black steel:

All elements pass final cleaning of a surface in acid galvanic bathtubs;
The cleared details become covered with zinc;
Galvanized details are passivated;
Then the layer of a polymeric covering is applied on an external surface and baked.

Trantsevy wheels easily are established on inflatable boats with rigid tranets. It is possible to expose easily trantsevy wheels in working and collected situation most one hand without assistance. Thanks to trantsevy wheels one person can easily transport the equipped boat, and also, without effort to float the boat or to lift on the land.

In a set pneumowheels are used:

diameter is 260 cm,
width is 85 cm.

Maximum load of these wheels - 130 kg.
At will it is possible to establish wheels from polyurethane foam, load of one wheel - 95 kg, and 125 kg depending on a wheel.

Complete set cost prokolobezopasny wheel + 300 UAH.

Delivery of goods across Ukraine on a warehouse of a carrier "Avtolyuks", "New Mail", "Intaym"
Calculation with the help of Privat24 on the card of Privatbank. Cash on delivery - payment when receiving.

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Transom wheels
Transom wheels
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