Buy To buy the equipment drying ABM 0-65
To buy the equipment drying ABM 0-65

To buy the equipment drying ABM 0-65

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We bring to your attention the ABM 0 - 65 complex line (drum drying) the opilka allowing to dry and split up.

Drying complex of the ABM 0,65 drum type

We sell and mount lines of briquetting, drying complexes of drum type for drying of sawdust, spills, compound feeds, peat, straw, a kostritsa, pod of a sunflower, a peel of buckwheat, peat, sand, building materials and others loose for a complete set of the line of briquetting and the line of a granulation for further production of a fuel briquette, pellet, compound feeds, dry construction mixes, or just drying for storage or use of dry raw materials further, productive power to 1000 kg hour. We carry out commissioning, we train personnel in competent work on the automatic transfer line of drying of bulks. We give a guarantee and we carry out guarantee and post warranty maintenance.

The principle of operation of the dryer of the AVM drum type, consists that the heatgenerator develops energy, necessary for moisture evaporation, which is brought to damp spill. The type of the heatgenerator gets out proceeding from the necessary power and the available heat carrier (firewood, bark, sawdust, wood spill, peat, briquettes and pellets of a tree, straw, a sunflower peel, coal, etc. fuel). Further the heated dry air by means of the fan moves in a chamber of drying, which device allows to distribute most rationally air streams and by that with the minimum losses of heat to evaporate necessary moisture. Damp air at the exit passes through a cyclone where settles the dried - up material, and further through a flue in the atmosphere.

Elements sushilgo AVM complex

- Conveyor

The conveyor is intended for exact dispensing and giving of raw materials from a biomass feeder in a dryer drum. It consists of the case, a scraper conveyor cloth, the motor reducer.

1 head; 2 sidewall; 3 - scraper cloth; 4 screw of adjustment of a stretch of a cloth; the 5 - conducted shaft.

- Heatgenerator

The heatgenerator provides formation of the heat carrier by mixing of products of combustion of power installation with air and the recirculated drying agent. Main knots of the heatgenerator: frame, gasification chamber, elevator.

- Dryer drum

The dryer drum of three - running type consists of three concentric cylinders: internal, intermediate 5 and external 3, established in such a way that the dried - up weight in the course of the movement consistently passes each of them.

On internal surfaces of cylinders blades 6, and on external surfaces of internal and intermediate cylinders — the reflectors 7 providing at rotation of the drum a tedding and oversleeping of weight in a heat carrier stream are placed. On the external cylinder the bandages 9 leaning on metal skating rinks of 1 basic and driving stations connected by a connecting shaft 10 are fixed. From axial shift the reel is fixed by the persistent skating rinks established on a frame of basic station. Speed of rotation of the drum is regulated by a variator 12 or the frequency converter.

- System of removal of the dried - up biomass

The system of removal of the dried - up biomass provides separation of the dried - up biomass from the heat carrier and is executed in the form of a cyclone 4 in which top part the fan 12 working at a suction and creating the air stream necessary for transportation of biomass together with the heat carrier and removals of the fulfilled heat carrier is installed.

The cyclone is connected with a dryer drum the pipeline 2 supplied with the sorter of firm alien objects 8. In the lower part of a cyclone the lock lock 1 given from the motor reducer 11 and giving dry biomass to a crusher or during a cyclone is placed (depending on a complex complete set).

- Crusher

The crusher of molotkovy type with the directed air stream is intended for crushing of the dried - up biomass in flour, for the subsequent granulation or briquetting.

- System of transportation and cooling of dry biomass

The system of transportation and cooling of dry biomass carries out the following functions: pneumatic transportation of dry biomass from system of removal of dry biomass (crusher), release of biomass from air streams, cooling and loading of biomass in a press. Consists of the pipeline and a cyclone in which top part the fan is installed, in the lower part - the batcher given to rotation from the motor reducer. The cyclone of system of transportation and cooling of dry biomass is mounted directly over a press.

Dryers drum ABM 065 of ideal cope with the work, it is checked for years.

It is more than photos of rather this drying complex, the dryer of sawdust we can send on demand.

Technical characteristics of a complex:

Productivity: 700 winter, 1000 summer of kg/h (humidity from 5% depending on degree of humidity of the raw materials moving in a dryer drum).

Agent of drying: furnace gases.

Fuel: opilka or firewood.

Fuel consumption: for production of 1 ton of a briquette in a fire chamber 1,3 - 1,4 m ³ sawdust are burned.

Power: 23 kW - without crusher, 40 kW - with a crusher.

Number of service personnel:

- the operator - 1 persons.

- the stoker - 1 persons.

Overall dimensions

- Length: 12 450 mm.

- Width: 6200 mm.

- Height: 5600 mm.

- Weight: 6500 kg

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To buy the equipment drying ABM 0-65
To buy the equipment drying ABM 0-65
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