Buy Titanium Booster - the amplifier of cosmetics. Company shop
Titanium Booster - the amplifier of cosmetics. Company shop

Titanium Booster - the amplifier of cosmetics. Company shop

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Titanium Booster – gel which increases efficiency of cosmetics several times.

It helps to strengthen in addition effect of other cosmetic medicine and to considerably improve a physiological structure of an integument.


Titanium Booster gel has a set of positive reviews of buyers as the product really has the mass of useful properties:

  • Helps to strengthen influence of third - party cosmetics and to accelerate their absorption.
  • Promotes the most bystry penetration into deep layers terms of active ingredients.
  • Increases concoction of components in the field of problem sites.
  • Helps to smooth wrinkles.
  • Promotes natural restoration of normal level of moisture of an integument.
  • Allows to suppress influence of negative factors of the environment.
  • The state helps to improve terms.

Gel is the ideal amplifier for a combination to different types of ointments, masks, serums, creams, gels, fat oils, pastes, air, mousses, mixes for a wrapping.


 It akvakompleks a glitserosolvata of the titan in the form of gel.

  • Titan.
  • Glycerin.
  • Water.

This effective formula is completely created and adapted under cosmetology needs. Thanks to collaboration of components noticeable strengthening of effect of other cosmetics is provided.


The principle of work of Titanium Booster gel, real comments on which are left even more often by grateful buyers, is very simple. After drawing means begins to envelop and unite gradually the useful substances which are a part of a product. Gel helps to carry out all operating components to deep layers terms, without destroying at the same time structure and without changing active connections of means. Medicine provides the maximum concentration and release of ingredients in problem sites of skin. Means is completely brought out of an organism and at the same time concentration in its cages does not increase that is very important.

Examples of application

  • At eels gel can be applied on problem sites together with air and other similar means.
  • At problems with enamel and an oral cavity use medicine together with paste for toothbrushing.
  • At loss of ringlets rub means in a head integument together with cosmetics from baldness that will provide improbable effect after one drawing.
  • At superficial superficial and deep wrinkles gel is distributed after a term a century and persons, and then cream or a mask against age changes is applied.
  • At scratches and superficial cuts apply gel together with wound healing means to process acceleration.

Results of application 

Depending on the reason of use, Titanium Booster provides different results, namely:

  • At age changes there is an improvement of a condition of an integument, tone and a shape of a face is leveled, the tone terms raises, wrinkles are smoothed. An application course – 6 weeks.
  • At pigmentation there is an improvement of appearance and clarification of skin, pigmentation elimination, acquisition dermy a healthy shade. An application course – 4 months.
  • At a hair loss there is an improvement of a state terms, reduction of a hair loss, improvement of a condition of hair. An application course – 3 months.
  • At acne rash there is a reduction of rashes, improvement of a shade of the person, alignment of skin, full clarification terms without traces. An application course – 1 month.

Method of application

  1. Apply your habitual means with a thin layer on an integument.
  2. From above distribute Titanium Booster.
  3. If necessary in addition apply means in the field of problem sites.


Titanium Booster – gel, the amplifier of cosmetics

Titanium Booster is a gel which has unique ability of strengthening of efficiency of any cosmetic. Its use before use of other cosmetic allows to activate strengthening and acceleration of effect of the main cream or a mask, and also helps to carry out biologically active agents deep into. It perfectly proves in combination with any ointments, creams, serums, even with essential and fat oils and other means of cosmetology which look after skin.

Besides to gel Titanium the Booster in power to smooth wrinkles and to resume the natural level of moistening. It perfectly stabilizes microflora of skin and actively protects it from influence of negative factors of the environment. All this thanks to the fact that this akvakompleks combines titanium, water and glycerin, and also does not contain preservatives, parabens and aromatic fragrances in the structure.

The main features of Titanium Booster is that its efficiency is set times higher, than at widely applied dimethyl sulfoxide conductor. After application clients do not worry that there will be side effects. It has ability to be brought completely out of an organism within 24 hours. Means does not work toxically or all is concentrated on an organism, thanks to inertness of the titanium which directly does not affect organism cages.


Process of application is very simple, and does not differ from putting any cream. At first it is necessary to apply a small amount of cosmetic on clean skin, then atop apply with a thin layer gel. You can use gel and without cosmetics for processing of a problem zone.


The product is not medicine. Dietary supplement is not.
All results are especially individual and depend on features of an organism.

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Titanium Booster - the amplifier of cosmetics. Company shop
Titanium Booster - the amplifier of cosmetics. Company shop
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