Buy Tires and SECOND-HAND tires 275x70 R22.5 of excellent quality.
Tires and SECOND-HAND tires 275x70 R22.5 of excellent quality.

Tires and SECOND-HAND tires 275x70 R22.5 of excellent quality.

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Ukraine, Kurakhovo
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureGermany
  • Rim diameter21"
  • Tyre designRadial
  • ConditionUsed

Tires and tires R13

Automobile tire — not just the "rubber" dressed on wheel disk, and difficult, multifunction design. Design of radial and diagonal, tubed and tubeless tires for cars, types of drawings of racetrack of protector. Basic purpose of the tire — to soften the pushes and blows transferred to the car suspender, to provide reliable coupling of wheel with road carpet, controllability, to transfer drag and braking forces to the road. Substantially the coupling coefficient, passability in different road conditions, the fuel usage and noise created by the car during the movement depends on the tire. Besides, the tire has to provide the set loading capacity, reliability and durability. Tires are subdivided: • Depending on framework design — on diagonal and radial; • on way of sealing of internal volume — on chamber and tubeless; • as racetrack drawing — road (summer, all-weather), universal, winter, cross-country capacity; • on profile of lateral section. Main parts and parts of the tire: 1. protector (racetrack) 2. shoulder zone 3. end rail 4. breker 5. framework 6. board Diagonal tires. You, most likely, should not choose tires on this sign as diagonal are already almost completely driven out of the market by radial. The design of diagonal tires has become outdated, but they continue to be let out in small amounts because they are rather cheap in production. The only advantage of these tires is that at them the end rail is stronger. The diagonal tire has framework from one or several couples of cord layers located so that threads of the next layers cross. Cord — the rubberized fabric layer consisting of frequent strong threads of basis and rare thin threads duck which provide good rubberizing of cord threads, high flexibility and prchnost. The cord is made of cotton, viscose or kapron fiber. Now bigger application is found by the metal cord having the threads twisted from steel wire about 0,15 mm thick. There are also more expensive materials, e.g. kevlar which cannot receive mass raspostraneniye because of the high cost. Radial tires. In radial tire the cord of framework is tense from one board to another without overlap of threads. The direction of tension of threads appears from the name. The thin soft cover of framework on outer surface is fitted by powerful flexible breker — belt from high inextensible strength cord, as a rule, steel. Therefore belted (surrounded) or steel belted (surrounded with steel) often add to radial text (radial) on end rails of tires. Such arrangement of cord plies reduces tension in threads that allows to reduce chslo layers, gives to framework elasticity, reduces heat generation and rolling resistance.

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Tires and SECOND-HAND tires 275x70 R22.5 of excellent quality.
Tires and SECOND-HAND tires 275x70 R22.5 of excellent quality.
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