Buy Tipsa EDGE form transparent 100 pieces
Tipsa EDGE form transparent 100 pieces

Tipsa EDGE form transparent 100 pieces

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Tipsa for Velena nails a stiletto (transparent) 100 pieces of Tipsa are the special plates which are used for formation of false nails. These plates are forms which enclose under a nail as a basis for building materials. Tipsa are strongly pasted to natural nails and remain on them together with the modeling material. Beauty and durability of the increased nails is in such a way provided. Generally all modern tipsa are made of synthetic material of a stiren which is characterized by durability and elasticity. Equipment drawing tips: 1. Apply glue with a thin strip on edge of a natural nail and on a contact zone of a tips. 2. Put the middle of free edge of a tips at an angle 45 ° to a nail. 3. Keeping this corner, lower tips before contact of the foot line with edge of a nail. At accurate coincidence it is possible to hear characteristic click. 4. After that, without tearing off tips, smoothly lower it on a nail, and the greasing movement distribute glue exactly on a nail surface. 5. Again put tips at an angle, having brought it to the foot line and, having heard click, smoothly put it on a nail. At the same time it is possible to see how air is gradually squeezed out from under a tips. 6. Having put tips on a nail, hold it in this state during 5-10 sec. It is not necessary to press very strongly type to a nail, thereby it is possible to squeeze out all glue and type it will be pasted "dry". By very strong pressing it the probability of an involuntary raising of a tip of a tips that brings as we already saw, to emergence of a bubble is high. Emergence when gluing leads it to decrease in durability of artificial nails. 7. It is not necessary to put too much glue since it will be squeezed out from under a tips and to get on skin. If it after all happened, after gluing of all tips turn the client's hands on the back and try to remove with accurately orange stick surplus of glue from under nails. 8. If glue appeared on the nail, then its tissue on type. At a zapilivaniye of a tips glue will be cut by a file without trace. It is not necessary to clean glue, greasing it on a nail. It is even possible not to notice how it will get on skin around a nail. Equipment removal of tips: For removal of a false nail at first cut off it on length of natural. Then by means of special means remove glue. Now for the fast and sparing removal of false nails let out special trays: pass - for one finger or maxi - for five fingers at once. Having shipped in it hands for several minutes, tipsa can be removed without effort. After you remove type, you will find out that the nail plate became dim and was slightly deformed. To return to nails gloss and a healthy look, it is necessary to process their oil for cuticles. If you often use slips, natural nails especially need to pay special attention: 2 — 3 times a week them need to be strengthened, humidified and fed with oil for a cuticle or a special medical covering, and 1 time in 10 days to polish. In a week - another of regular improving procedures your nail will be healthy again. Srana is a producer: USA Quantity: 100 pieces.
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Tipsa EDGE form transparent 100 pieces
Tipsa EDGE form transparent 100 pieces
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