Buy Tile bituminous Shinglas of the Tango autumn
Tile bituminous Shinglas of the Tango autumn

Tile bituminous Shinglas of the Tango autumn

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТехнониколь
  • Country of manufactureRussia
Bituminous tile of Shinglas of the Tango autumn

The flexible tile of Shinglas gradually wins popularity among residents of our country.

For a start It is necessary to tell that a roofing tile Shinglas is the five - layer material which is characterized by surprising durability and durability. The separate attention is deserved by simplicity and ease of its laying. From you neither special tools, nor any professional skills will be necessary! The presented flexible tile is mounted on the continuous basis from SMALLPOX plates or FSF plywood.

The soft roof possesses tremendous waterproofing properties, and also impressive indicators on a noise isolation. The flexible tile not just softly muffles a sound of a hail or rain, but also significantly reduces noise decibels from nearby railway tracks or the automobile route. These qualities of a soft roof are especially useful in the presence of inhabited penthouses.

Advantages of a soft roof also include complex stability concerning changeable climatic and unexpected natural factors. The similar tile is specially created for severe domestic conditions! Such advantages of a soft tile guarantee that to it are not terrible at all - either severe frosts, or summer heat. The tile is unreceptive to negative influence of solar ultra - violet radiation (it is considered the weakest place of the majority of modern roofing materials), and also the Flexible tile can resist to acid rains and high wind loading!

All advantages of a bituminous tile are combined with the excellent strength parameters guaranteed by basalt topping of layers and a flexible basis. Respectively, the tile Shinglas possesses the considerable period of operation.

It should be noted that the Ultra collection created with use SBS - modifitsirovannogo of bitumen, frost - resistant and elastic has the guarantee period of operation - twenty five years. As for laminated Shinglas of the Jazz collection, for it the warranty period is increased till fifty years!

Also it is worth referring high fire safety and absolute harmlessness for environment to advantages of a soft tile and the person. It does not allocate any a smell and dangerous substances even under hot beams of the sun.

Today in the domestic market the wide range of a soft tile of Shinglas is provided. A variety of coloring and forms, and also advantages of a flexible tile will give an opportunity with ease to pick up the decision, optimum for you, which will fit into a current trend, at the same time, having created a unique roof

The main
Producer TechnoNIKOL
Country producer Russia
Additional characteristics
Packing weight 31,5kg
In packing 3m. kv
Weight 1m. kv 10,5 kg
Water tightness 100%
On the pallet 108 m of kV
Guarantee 15 years
Basis Fiberglass
Quantity of layers of a tile One
Cutting form Sonata, chord, trio, tango
Information for the order
  • Price: 93,12 UAH/sq. m
  • Way of packing: In the pallet 108m. kv Guarantee of 15 Years
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Tile bituminous Shinglas of the Tango autumn
Tile bituminous Shinglas of the Tango autumn
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