Buy The tractor with the hinged equipment of agricultural purpose K701T
The tractor with the hinged equipment of agricultural purpose K701T

The tractor with the hinged equipment of agricultural purpose K701T

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТэсмарк
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Application areaAgricultural
  • Purpose of tractorUniversal
  • Type of tractorWheel
  • ConditionNew
  • Wheel formula4К4

It is intended for performance of various agricultural works with hinged, semi-hinged, hook-on cars and tools with which in the unit it is possible to carry out a plowed land, cultivation, a boronovaniye, crops, hulling of an eddish, bezotvalny processing of the soil and transport works.

In our nomenclature there are three modifications of the tractor with engines of various power.

Tractors are an integral part of agriculture, without them its development is not possible. The main property of agricultural machinery are its functionality.

The tractor equipment first of all is intended for processing of the earth and has to cope with work during any season, to be steady against changes of weather conditions and to meet all set operational requirements. Our equipment has very high level of efficiency. It promotes improvement of quality of work of the driver and provides it excellent conditions as at the correct operation it is safe, simple in management and has additional benefits depending on model. Besides, the tractor equipment considerably increases productivity and is capable to work in the emergency mode (for example, round the clock).

Tractors of our company differ in high reliability. Hinged, semi-hinged hook-on tools and cars can quickly be replaced and adapt to the performed works. Our tractor equipment can carry out a plowed land, a boronovaniye, cultivation, crops and other transport and agricultural works. Thanks to regulation of speed it is possible to process the earth carefully and slowly or, on the contrary, if necessary to pass to high speeds.

Our production is made from strong high-quality materials with use of modern technologies. Despite the highest quality of our production, we provide a possibility of repair of cars as under trying conditions there can be breakages of various look.

The cost of tractors is completely justified as they are durable, hardy and are serious help in agriculture.

Sale of the tractor equipment is carried out on profitable terms.

Technical characteristics

Main characteristics
Wheel formula 4х4
Tires Bel-28,1R26 (FD 12)
Base of the car, mm 3200
Track of the car, mm 2115
Road gleam, mm 545
Dimensions in transport situation, mm 7210х2880х3600
Weight is operational, t 13,4
Operational characteristics
Tractor model K-701T K-701T-1 K-701T-2
Speed of the movement at nominal traction force, km/h 7,43 9,43 11,4
The maximum power on VOM with a nominal frequency of rotation of a bent shaft, kW 138 187 221 (300)
Specific fuel consumption at the maximum power on VOM, kW x hour 266 272 215 (158)
Working speed without slipping, km/h 2,6... 12,4 2,9... 13,8 2,9... 13,8
The largest transport speed, km/h 30,2 33,8 33,8
Loading capacity of the hinged device, kN 55 55 55
Turn radius on a track of an external wheel, m 7,2 7,2 8
The maximum depth of the overcome ford, m 1 1 1
Duration of continuous work without refueling, h 12 12 12
Tractor model K-701T K-701T-1 K-701T-2
Engine model YAMZ-238NDZ-1 YAMZ-238ND5 TMZ 8481.10
Power, kW (h.p.) 173 kW (235) 213 kW (300) 257 kW (350)
Type The diesel 4-stroke with a turbo-supercharging
Nominal frequency of rotation, rpm 1700 1900 1900
Maximum torque, Nkhm 1108 1225 1570
Mechanical the 4th regime (4 forward and 2 back), 16-speed (16 forward and 8 back)
  • with gear wheels of continuous gearing;
  • with mechanical switching of the modes and hydraulic gear shifting;
  • has the coupling of shutdown of the drive of the back bridge;
  • allows gear shifting under loading;
  • switching of the modes after a car stop.


Plant of TEHSTROYMASh special vehicles.

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The tractor with the hinged equipment of agricultural purpose K701T
The tractor with the hinged equipment of agricultural purpose K701T
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