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The rubber ball ― sit a cleaner

The rubber ball ― sit a cleaner

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

The rubber ball ― sit a cleaner. The rubber ball of zernoochistitelny separators has diameter of 25 mm and 35 mm. It is made of high-quality rubber.

Cars by which rubber balls of various diameter are applied to cleaning of sieves:

- zernoochistitelny separators of BSH (separators of BSH-100, BSH-200, BSH-300                     - separators of A1-BLS-12, A1-BLS-16, A1-BIS-100, A1-BLS-100, A1-BIS-150, A1-BLS-150, R1-BIS-200 the producer of public joint stock company the mechanical plant Mr. Horol Ukraine 
- zernoochistitelny separators of SVU separators of SVT-40M and SVU-60 producer 
- cars of primary purification of MZS-5, MZS-10, MZS-25 grain
- zernoochistitelny aspiration and calibration MAK-10 cars                                        - cars of preliminary cleaning with a reshetny cleaner (a reshetny prefix) 
- cars zernoochistitelny air reshetnye MVR-4 (MVU-1500) 
- cars of preliminary cleaning MVR-7 (MPU-70)  
- reshetny cleaners (reshetny prefixes) of MVR-8 (RP-50K)  
- separators of lots of preliminary cleaning of SVP-70 (LLC Zerno BY Ochistka 
Mogilev Belarus) 
- universal stationary separators of purification of US-40S grain and US-25S 
- cleaners DENIS separators (NSD 1, NSD 2, NSD 3 producer trademark 
DENIS, France) 
- universal aspirators, sorting cars and cleaning 
sorting cars for sowing material of the TAS series (TAS 152A-2, TAS 154A-4, TAS 
204A-4, TAS 206A-2, TAS 210A-1, TAS 200A-III, Seed Selektor the producer firm Schmidt - 
Zeeger "Schmidt-Seeger" Germany) 
- universal sitovy separators of SMA 05, SMA 10, SMA 20, SMA 203-3, SMA 206-6 
(producer firm Shmidt-Zeeger "Schmidt-Seeger" Germany) 
- cleaners for small seeds (a poppy-head separator the KUTM 100/300-type 
2S, the cleaner for small seeds the KUTR 800/1800 type JK Machinery producer 
Czech republic) 
- separators for purification of GERB.RUBERG grain (Germany) 
- reshetny cleaners of the Super Delta and Delta series (producer 
CIMBRIA, Denmark) 
- separators zernoochistitelny INTEH K150 (Voronezh Russia) 
- cars of preliminary purification of WESTRUP SI 50 and WESTRUP SI 70 grain 
(WESTRUP A/S producer, Denmark) 
- other zernoochistitelny cars


The damaged sitovy frames and worn-out balls without fail replace new.

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The rubber ball ― sit a cleaner
The rubber ball ― sit a cleaner
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