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The machine for stuffing of cigarettes

The machine for stuffing of cigarettes

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The machine for stuffing of cigarettes
Experience prompts that the world always needed finding of a way which lies on that site which begins "here" and comes to an end "now".

Every time interest of All and Everyone looks for the correct combination in this question - an iron proportion of presence at the present of life, a proportion which being applied to a rolling stock in itself always remains invariable.

We developed a way - one of possible, and we want to bring it to your attention.

Name: "railway network Porozhnyak club"

Purpose: to provide uninterrupted "movement"

Idea: to find and attract philosophically conceiving people and to create, from the last, society of freely reported and acting people: one makes idea, another gives the chance of its realization, without excluding other combinations (such as: 5 give idea, 10 realization etc. …) to create the closed community "a railway network Porozhnyak club, first of all in order that from coordination of abilities and opportunities of participants of club to take exclusive opportunities for implementation of Global Conceptual Projects ("Projects of Desire"). Process of their creation will provide uninterrupted "movement" of the Rolling Stock on a network of Means of communication.

To become the participant "a railway network Porozhnyak club" it is necessary:

1. To be loyal concerning production of TM "Empties"

2. To fill and send the questionnaire of the participant consisting of several points to e-mail of

  • name or nickname
  • region
  • ways of communication
  • abilities and opportunities (this key position as in it the essence of an inner world of each participant of club is stated)

That each of members "receives a railway network Porozhnyak club:

  • The created society from the people who are creatively perceiving life that exempts each participant from search of those.
  • Detection of abilities and vozmozhnostesty participants of club for mutual aid and cooperation. Support and possibility of realization by joint forces of club of the most unimaginable projects and desires.
  • All members of the closed society possess information on abilities and opportunities of each participant that opens ample opportunities for analytics and design of the requirements and desires

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The machine for stuffing of cigarettes
The machine for stuffing of cigarettes
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