Buy The industrial chiller for G LCh-152 automatic molding machines
The industrial chiller for G LCh-152 automatic molding machines

The industrial chiller for G LCh-152 automatic molding machines

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandGalletti
  • Country of manufactureItaly

The Italian company Galletti Group – the famous producer of refrigerating appliances. Thanks to own production base equipped with the hi-tech equipment releases reliable modern installations for cooling of liquids.

Industrial chillers for automatic molding machines are used for external installation in the industry and in premises. In these models the R410A coolant ensuring effective functioning at rather moderate energy consumption is applied. Fasteners of the Galletti chiller are made from carbonaceous steel, undergo processing of passivating of a surface, are tested on durability and resistance to various production loadings. Are resistant to corrosion.

Features of the Galletti chiller:

    expanded working range;

    tandem configuration of compressors;

    low noise indicators;

    profitability of operation and low energy consumption;

    overall performance of the device under various temperature conditions;

    electronic microprocessor control;

    the optimized orebrenno-block heat exchanger;

    microprocessor system of defrosting;

    use of fans of quiet execution;

    touch control system of the chiller.



Galletti chillers for automatic molding machines guarantee receiving chilled water even at the external air temperature of 51 °C. The efficiency of transformation of energy of the Galletti chiller makes 2,95 in the mode of cooling and 3,25 in the heating mode (according to the standard of a class A, system of certification of efficiency of transformation of energy Eurovent)

The Galletti chiller for automatic molding machines can work in systems with the small content of water, without use of the buffer tank for water. Automatic equipment limits the number of starts of the compressor and prolongs their service life.

   To get acquainted in more detail with technical characteristics and the detailed description of Galletti chillers you will be able in the section  of the Instruction   the Catalogue of Galletti chillers  


The Airgroup company – one of leaders of sales of refrigerating appliances in Ukraine. Is an official dealer of Galletti, directly buys the equipment from manufacturer thanks to what delivers production of excellent quality at low prices. The delivered Galletti chillers are in great demand in chemical industry, production of products from plastic, the pharmaceutical, food industry, and also in air conditioning systems and ventilation. All models have the certificates confirming the highest quality of the equipment.


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The industrial chiller for G LCh-152 automatic molding machines
The industrial chiller for G LCh-152 automatic molding machines
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