Order The house from a bar, the price cos
The house from a bar, the price cos

The house from a bar, the price cos

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Ukraine, Kolomyja
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The house from a bar, the price cost

  • From the rounded log
  • From a rectangular bar
  • Wild felling
  • Frame houses

The house from a tree can be the same capital housing, as well as constructed of a brick. To that there is a set of examples not only in the history of architecture, but also in modern practice of inhabited housing construction.

Long ago it is proved that the people living in wooden houses are better adapted to environment, are ill less, children at them grow healthy and cheerful. It is connected with the fact that such house "breathes" a set of a time, i.e. in it constantly there is a natural ventilation through walls and therefore there is a favorable microclimate for accommodation. At the expense of a natural filtration of air harmful substances easily are removed through wooden walls.

On heat-insulating properties wooden walls in exceed brick or concrete the same thickness almost five times. Costs of heating of the wooden house more than one half lower in comparison with brick the same sizes. In such house there is never a feeling of dampness. In hot summer days in it it is cool and therefore there is no need to put the air conditioning system.

The modern wooden house is completely well-planned housing in which it is possible to install any engineering equipment: copper, sink, sauna, jacuzzi, fireplace, heat-insulated floor. Only thing: instead of habitual stone or brick walls, its wall dereyanny.

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The house from a bar, the price cos
The house from a bar, the price cos
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