Buy The frozen forage for fishes Gamma Russian. Vacuum packing.
The frozen forage for fishes Gamma Russian. Vacuum packing.

The frozen forage for fishes Gamma Russian. Vacuum packing.

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Frozen gammarus - fine addition in the menu of large fishes. Gammarus is very nutritious, also he is a good source of ballast substances and improves coloring of many fishes.

Gammarus is a small crustacean bokoplav, Gammarus pulex relating to a look, and the Amphipoda group numbering 4 500 types. It has the body bent by an arch dressed in the firm chitinous armor consisting of 14 segments. On the head 2 eyes and two couples of short moustaches of antennas of employees are located organs of touch by search of food. Moves gammarus, in lateral blows of a body, in addition helping itself 9 pairs of legs, for as received the second name bokoplav. Chest legs respiratory, with gills. Three forward pairs of belly legs dvuvetvist with swimming shchetinka, serve for swimming. Three back vapors are directed back, together with telsony (tail) serve for jumping. At females on a breast a vyvodkovy chamber for incubation of eggs. Development is direct. The average size of this crustacean makes usually about 1 cm. Lives gammarus both in fresh, and in solonovodny reservoirs. It keeps generally under stones, among pebble and coarse sand in a shore. Eats gammarus mainly vegetable food, picking the decaying fossils of fallen leaves and water plants.
Gammarus is popular and irreplaceable in use as a forage on fish factories, and is widely applied at cultivation of a trout, sturgeon, Karpov and other valuable species of fish. In aquarium husbandry the good ballast forage promoting cleaning of a gastrointestinal tract at fishes is used for feeding of average and large fish, and just as. With pleasure it is eaten by water activities of turtles. Gammarus not for nothing is considered one of the best forages, thanks to the high nutritional value and high content of carotene (vitamin A and its pro - vitamins). The analysis shows that in 12,8% of dry weight of a gamarus to contain a squirrel of 56,2% , fats of 5,8% , carbohydrates of 3,2% . In a live look it can be a carrier of fish parasites. Therefore it is better to use for feeding of fishes gamarus disinfected by ozonization and freezing.

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The frozen forage for fishes Gamma Russian. Vacuum packing.
The frozen forage for fishes Gamma Russian. Vacuum packing.
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