Buy The fractional laser device for grinding of CO2 RE Candela
The fractional laser device for grinding of CO2 RE Candela

The fractional laser device for grinding of CO2 RE Candela

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The fractional laser device for grinding of CO2 RE Candela

The fractional CO2 RE laser – the device for laser grinding, multipurpose and high-speed system of fractional rejuvenation on CO2 base of the laser.

Range of the CO2 RE procedures of the laser:

fractional processing of external averages and deep layers of skin;

traditional rejuvenation;

lifting of skin;

removal pigmentary defeat;

removal of hems and scars;

removal of warts, papillomas.

The CO2 RE laser for fractional rejuvenation of skin gives the chance to influence at the same time superficial and deep layers of skin, controlling intensity, the scheme and depth of influence. The beam of the fractional laser with the wavelength of 10600 nm moves by means of a hinged arm by means of the developing mirrors in the right place, and gets on the patient's skin, getting in the set site on the necessary depth with the required energy that is controlled by the two-dimensional scanner.

The fractional CO2 RE laser – the excellent choice for procedures for rejuvenation of skin and correction of wrinkles. Differing in flexibility and providing purposeful impact on skin, it will help to achieve results quickly and with smaller discomfort, in comparison with similar laser devices. Fractional rejuvenation of CO2 RE perfectly is suitable for the patients possessing the I-III types of skin on Fitspatrik's scale.

The fractional CO2 RE laser will allow you to expand the practice through unique procedures which yield the proved predictable results and increase satisfaction of patients. Initial costs of acquisition are quite acceptable in comparison with other systems on CO2 base of the laser, and the current operational costs are practically absent.

Fractional rejuvenation with the CO2 RE laser – the digital technology which will allow to expand the range of services through unique procedures will provide safe and effective results.

Operating modes of the laser device CO2 RE:

The CO2 RE system provides six operating modes: four modes of fractional ablative influence according to the set schemes, the traditional mode of grinding and the mode of surgical influence for removal of small defects of skin — according to the set scheme and without it.

Four modes of fractional ablative influence according to the set schemes:

CO2 RE Light – easy laser rejuvenation. Influences the top layers of epidermis, stimulates increase in number of cages and increases collagen density.

CO2 RE Mid – classical laser rejuvenation. Strengthens fractional influence due to deeper penetration in a term, gives to coagulation of fabrics below borders between epidermis and dermy.

CO2 RE Deep – processing of deep wrinkles and scars. Gets in a term for deeper fractional ablyation.

CO2 RE Fusion – a combination of the Mid and Deep modes. The unique scheme combines depth and intensity of thermal destruction that allows to optimize simultaneous impact on epidermis and to a term.

While other CO2 lasers demand change of tips or lenses for switching between the modes of a superficial and thermal ablyation, scanning and the Fusion mode of the CO2 RE system provide the "adjusted" superficial and deep ablyation for one pass.

One traditional mode of photorejuvenation;

Two modes of surgical influence (according to the set scheme and without it).

Characteristics of the CO2 RE laser

Intuitively clear interface with the touch screen gives the chance to visually present geometry of a surface of the processed zones and their look in cross section.

The system studies in the course of work.

Controls own productivity.

Remembers the chosen settings and automatically exposes them at the next session.

The modes which provide optimum damage of fabrics on depth and density

Novelty! Free surgical opportunities – work not on a template.

Digital super-pulse laser:

Full matrix of ablative impulses with an exclusive accuracy and speed.

Quickly changes laser energy, providing multilevel processing.

Highly effective design for high reliability and long service life.

The high-precision integrated scanner:

Digital synchronization with the Generator of laser impulses.

Change of situation and depth of influence hundreds of times a second.

Allows to place various parts of the same matrix of scanning at various depths.

The CW Operating mode (The surgical mode) – uniform allocation of energy for effective coagulation after a section.

The unique power of 5-10 W allows to make a section much more softly and more thinly.

Size of a spot of circular scanning of 0,5-0,75 mm.

Very easy hinged arm:

Continuous centering of a beam for reproduction of schemes of processing.

Minimizes tension and fatigue of the operator.

Novelty! The surgical applicator for use in the Free Hand mode.

Advantages of fractional rejuvenation of CO2 RE:

simultaneous impact on superficial and deep layers of skin;

control of intensity, scheme and depth of an ablyation;

an opportunity for the doctor to visually present geometry of a surface of the processed zones and their look in cross section, thanks to the full-size touch display and intuitive clear the interface;

unique character of an ablyation of cages. The combination of impact on sites of a surface of skin and epidermis to pointed penetration into deep layers allows to carry out simultaneous restoration and rejuvenation of skin at all levels;

the device is not whimsical in service;

resource more than 10 000 hours.

The CO2 RE laser gives the chance to influence skin in the most different ways, using, thus, system for work with a wide range of patients.

CO2 RE is flexible ablative CO2 system which allows to define precisely a target and to effectively process the surface of skin, average and deep layers terms, and also to execute traditional CO2 grinding and removal of defects of skin.

Expand the practice by means of this easier, bystry and flexible system for rejuvenation of skin, reduction of wrinkles and hems, a traditional ablyation and removal of small defects of skin. The laser device CO2 RE gives the chance to influence at the same time superficial and deep layers of skin, controlling intensity, the scheme and depth of an ablyation.

Unique hinged arm of CO2 RE and surgical applicator

While hinged arms are used in many laser systems, any of them is not so easy, flexible and convenient as the supereasy hinged arm developed for CO2 RE. It is made completely of aluminum and pneumatic it is balanced, this arm is equipped with unique optics with continuous centering of a beam, has 5 levels of rotation and allows to work with an arm with little effort:

Ultra-lungs, the autoclaved nozzles so unique CO2 RE and special, as well as a hinged arm. As laser scanners are placed in the main unit, but not on nozzles, all high-quality aluminum nozzles of CO2 RE are well balanced, have the ergonomic form and incredibly easy in a hand.

The full-size fractional applicator has the closed case and the calibrator on a tip which keeps visibility, providing excellent perpendicularity.

The surgical applicator has the shortened case and the made narrower conic tip, the calibrator provides excellent balance, visibility and exact control of placement and movement of a beam.

Unique hinged arm and ergonomic, easy tip of CO2 RE provide control of giving of a beam and excellent visibility that does them ideal for frequent daily use without tension and fatigue.


Laser type — CO2

Wavelength — 10,600 nm

The mode of laser radiation — Pulse

Output power — Changes ranging from 1 to 150 mdzh

Energy of a laser bunch — 60 w (peak value)

Frequency, impulse duration — to 16,7 kHz, 20 — 3000 msec

Radiation power — +/-1.5 watts (+/-5 of %)

Diameter of a bunch — 1,8 (+/-0,5) mm

Mode Quality (M ²) — < 1.2

Bunch divergence — 7,5 +/-0,5 mrad (a full corner)

Polarization —> 100:1 linearly (orthogonally to assembly sites)

Maksimalnaya Square of scanning — Diameter is 10 mm

The directing laser — 5 MW, 650 nanometers (red) diode laser

Hinged arm — Pneumatic the balanced lightweight aluminum design with 7 hinges; Action Radius at full promotion of 85 cm; Rotation across: 360 °

Optics — the spot Size: 120 and 150 microns

The handle — Repeated use

The user interface — the Color touch LCD display of high resolution 10,4 ″

Management of laser radiation — the Pedal switch

Indicators of laser radiation — In a waiting mode and the modes of readiness: continuous yellow light-emitting diode; During laser radiation: the blinking red light-emitting diode

Requirements to electricity — 100 — 240 VAC (automatic detection), 50/60 Hz, 7.1 A, single-phase

Device weight — 26 kg

The system size — 40 x 44 x 177 cm


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The fractional laser device for grinding of CO2 RE Candela
The fractional laser device for grinding of CO2 RE Candela
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