Buy The filter step sodium-kationitny I of FIPA I - 1,0-0,6-NaУ4
The filter step sodium-kationitny I of FIPA I - 1,0-0,6-NaУ4

The filter step sodium-kationitny I of FIPA I - 1,0-0,6-NaУ4

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Filters sodium-kationitnye of the first step of FIPA I-1,0-0,6 Na U4 are intended for processing of water for the purpose of removal of ions-nakipeobrazovateley from it (Sa2 + and M2+) in the course of a kationirovaniye. Filters are used on water treatment installations of industrial and heating boiler rooms.

 Interpretation of a symbol of the FIPA I-1,0-0,6 Na U4 filter with a productivity of 20 m3/h:

- diameter - 1000 mm;

- working pressure - 0,6 MPas;

- filter Na-kationitny;

- for a temperate climate (At);


- category of placement at operation (4) in accordance with GOST 15150-69:

The filter represent the vertical steel cylindrical case with elliptic or flat top (2) and the lower (3) bottoms, the bottoms are welded on the cylindrical feedwell of the filter (1). The case of the filter is supplied with the top hatch (4) intended for loading of a kationit of KU 2-8 (11) and periodic survey of its surface and a manhole (5) Du of 400 mm for carrying out internal installation works.

In the lower part of the feedwell of the filter there is an opening for unloading of the filtering material (6) closed by a cap. In the center of the top bottom of the filter the flange to which the pipeline (7) pumping water on processing is outside attached is boiled thoroughly. In the center of the lower bottom the branch pipe which is taking away the fulfilled water (8) is outside welded.

The top distributing device (9) is intended for a supply of the conditioned water and removal of the loosening water. The lower distributing device (10) is intended for ensuring uniform collecting the conditioned water and uniform distribution of the loosening water. The lower distributing device represents horizontal tubular system with the slot-hole caps which are evenly located on all surface.

Front pipelines with shutoff valves allow to carry out a supply to the filter and branch from it all water flows and regeneration solution in use of the filter. The filter is equipped with manometers, showing pressure before and after the filter.

 Principle of work.

Initial water comes to the filter under a pressure, is distributed evenly on section and passes through a layer of a kationit in the direction from top to down. At the same time there is a softening of water by exchange of ions of calcium and magnesium for equivalent quantity of ions loading sodium-kationitnoy.

The cycle of operation of the filter consists of the following operations:

 - softening of initial water, working process of the filter. In the course of work on a measure of exhaustion of a kationit rigidity of the softened water increases. At excess of the established maximum permissible size of residual hardness of water it is necessary to carry out regeneration of a kationit;

 - vzrykhleniye. It is carried out by a water countercurrent from below up before regeneration for elimination of consolidation of a kationit and removal of the pollution detained by the filtering material;

 - regeneration. Regeneration of a kationit is carried out for the purpose of enrichment it by ions of sodium and made by 5-8% NaCl solution.

 - washing. After regeneration ion-exchange material is washed from regeneration solution and products of regeneration.

 After washing a running cycle of the filter – softening - is started over again.

Delivery set.

The filter case assembled, pipelines, slot-hole caps of K-500, fittings and manometers is included in the package of delivery. Kationit it is delivered by the separate order.  

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The filter step sodium-kationitny I of FIPA I - 1,0-0,6-NaУ4
The filter step sodium-kationitny I of FIPA I - 1,0-0,6-NaУ4
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