Buy The filter for AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C shower (15 cm)
The filter for AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C shower (15 cm)

The filter for AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C shower (15 cm)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAquafilter
  • Country of manufacturePoland

The filter for AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C shower (15 cm)

Country: Poland
Guarantee 1 year

The filter for Aquafilter FBO1-FHSH-6-C shower - the modern chromeplated filter nozzle for a shower (RAIN type). Standard complete set: the filter nozzle with a cartridge and a collar for fastening of the filter on a wall. The mechanism on a nozzle allows to change the water stream mode (3 modes). The filter nozzle is fastened directly to a hose for a shower.

Technical characteristics:

· Diameter of a carving: 1/2"
· Max. water temperature: 45 °C

Deletes the free chlorine which is negatively influencing a human body from water (irritates eyes, airways, a mucous membrane of eyes and a nose). FBO1-FHSH-6-C also deletes heavy metals, such as: arsenic, cadmium, tin, mercury. Thanks to KDF® layer the filter has bakteriostatichesky properties (prevents reproduction of bacteria in the filtering environment).

Advantages of the filter to Aquafilter FBO1-FHSH-6-C shower:

· Returns to water cosmetic properties
· Improves a water smell
· Gives to hair softness and ease when combing
· Smoothes skin and keeps its natural water balance
· Does not cause irritation of a mucous membrane of eyes and a nose
· Deletes free chlorine
· Deletes heavy metals
· Approaches the majority of the shower hoses available in the market

Cartridge resource 3 months or 2500 liters

The shower filter watering can for water purification with a diameter of 15 cm of AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C

Three types of a stream:

- Normal stream, effective and sprawling

- "Soft" stream, massage

- The direct stream refreshing


- More smooth, is better the looking skin
- The healthy, more shining hair
- Pleasant aroma of water
- Protection against irritation of eyes
- Protection of lungs, mucous membranes and body tissues
- Alignment of power balance of an organism
- The increased viability and resilience to diseases
- Fast recovery after the postponed diseases
- Improvement of functioning of respiratory system


The bilateral replaceable cartridge containing unique Chlorgon, and also the filling of KDF guaranteeing removal of chlorine.
The built-in ADR Technology which is changing physical properties of water and favorably influencing health of the person.

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The filter for AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C shower (15 cm)
The filter for AQUAFILTER FHSH-6-C shower (15 cm)
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