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The device for correction of a figure Med2 Contour

The device for correction of a figure Med2 Contour

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Technical characteristics
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Devices for an ultrasonic liposuction
Med2 Contour - the best device for correction of a figure without surgical intervention
We present to your attention the newest development of the Italian scientists - the device for treatment of cellulitis and local fatty deposits - Med2 Contour.
Med2 Contour - a novelty in world cosmetology which has no analogs.
Today only Med2 Contour installation
is in "to Clinic of equipment rooms
cosmetology "
Exclusive distribyuter of Med2 Contour - the company "MEDRESh".
At the second annual ceremony of esthetic medicine of Aesthetic Awards 14.03.2012 USA American the Med2 Contour version received an award as the best device for correction of a figure without surgical intervention. The ceremony took place with assistance of THE Aesthetic Show ™ TAS which will appear the best versatile medical educational action for experts to esthetic medicine. Amerikanska the Med2 Contour VASER Shape version was recognized as the winner all registered participants of a meeting.
At the heart of effect of application, the phenomenon steady cavitations lies. Med2 Contour provides cavitation of deep action thanks to powerful ultrasonic system and special nozzles of the patented design. Thanks to vacuum technology the modern device lifts fatty tissue so that action of two ultrasonic waves of low frequency deeply gets and is focused only on the corresponding zone which is subject to treatment. The essence of a method is that under the influence of a special type of ultrasonic waves in fatty cages air mikropuzirka are formed. They increase in sizes, dilute fat and without effort force out it from adipocytes that leads to immediate reduction of volumes. At dalniyshy increase bubbles, a membrane of adipocytes bursts, and fat accumulation in the field becomes impossible.
Med2 Contour is the first system for an ultrasonic lipoliz, with an integrovanny vacuum suction and two ultrasonic radiators in one handle that allows to receive noticeable results after carrying out the first procedures.
Med2 Contour is the first system with the integrated drainage nozzle which provides complex and safe processing. The lymphatic drainage is carried out by a special elastomeric membrane which sets fabric in motion.
Med2 Contour is a new and advanced system of modeling of contours of a body: treatment of local fatty accumulation and cellulitis. Med2 Contour is a safe and effective alternative of a surgical liposuction: extremely excellent results noninvasive, safe and ponistyu by a painless method.
Med2 Contour is the only cavitational system which works with application of double ultrasonic waves, are regulated at low frequencies, and focuses action only on sites which demand treatment.
Med2 Contur is a technology technology of selective influence on local fatty
postponement and effective destruction of fatty cages.
Med2 Contur are two-handles in one device.:
1. Kavitatsiyna handle "Ultrasound + vacuum"
2. Lymphatic drainage handle "Vacuum massage
Cavitational handle "OUSE + Vacuum" 1. The Vakuumny pump takes and lifts fatty tissue so that it densely adjoined to the handle and action of ultrasound was directed only to the processed area.
2. The BONDS generator - impulses with two radiators located to each other at an angle 135 ° two directions, the crossed ultrasonic waves create, providing the focused, deep and effective influence on hypodermically - fatty tissues, the processed area.
The combination of influences of vacuum and ultrasound in one handle provides effective, safe and comfortable impact on the processed zone.
Action: destruction of adipocytes, activization of exchange processes, reduction of amount of subcutaneous fat of thickness of a fatty layer.
The bearing frequency of BONDS: 1 MHz OUSE modulating frequency: range is 20-60 kHz Focus depth: to 4 cm Power: average 3 W/cm2, peak 30 W/cm2 Energy consumption: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Lymphatic drainage handle "Vacuum Massage" 1. A nozzle for work on a body
2. The handle is intended for a surge, "opening" of lymph nodes and carrying out their vacuum massage
Action: strengthening of circulation of a lymph, blue and arterial blood, activization of a metabolism of fabrics.
The processed area for a session: 25 x 25 cm Procedure duration: till 60 minutes Course: 6-10 procedures Interval:7 - 10 days Indications: - weight reduction, local fatty deposits, cellulitis of any stage. preparation for a surgical liposuction. Areas of processing: - shoulders, back, stomach, hips, shins. Contraindications: - skin diseases of various etiology, vascular diseases, violation of coagulability of blood, functional dysfunction of a liver and kidneys, pregnancy, malignancies, tumors and new growths, diabetes, sharp somatic diseases, existence of metal artificial limbs, pacemaker, heart trouble, defeat of vessels in an active stage, thrombosis and/or thrombophlebitis, serious violations of a fatty exchange.
Influence of BONDS - waves on fabric: - Mechanical - Thermal - Chemical - cavitational
Effect of a lipoliz: At impact of low-frequency ultrasound on fatty tissue in fatty cages there is an education, increase and a further eksploziya of microbubbles that destroys a membrane of a fatty cage adipocytes. At impact on fatty tissue of ultrasonic waves of low frequency, in fatty cages there is a cavitation process - formations of microbubbles. Cavitational mikropuzirek moves from area with low pressure to the area with a high pressure, at the same time changing the sizes. It can pass several periods of increase and reduction. Moving to the area with more high pressure or during a compression half-cycle, the cavitational bubble is broken off with release of a large amount of energy.
At destruction of microbubbles in a fatty cage, there is a hydrodynamic push, some kind of microexplosion. These microexplosions damage cellular membranes of adipocytes. First of all, membranes of the cages which are most filled with fat, owing to their largest tension collapse. Triglycerides of which fatty cages consist were as a result released, get to intercellular space and are removed by means of natural metabolic processes. 90% of products of disintegration are removed through lymphatic system.
Influence low-frequency OUSE: Defibrodiziruyushchy action - mechanical destruction of fibrous fabric Fat depression, increase in fluidity of triglycerides Increase in permeability, damage and destruction of a cellular membrane adipocytes Lizis of fatty cages - destruction of cages, owing to destruction of a cellular cover; a release of the intracellular contents adipocytes in intercellular space Lipoliz - splitting of fats on the fatty acids making them Absence of negative effects

The technology excludes damages of surrounding fabrics. Cages of stronger structures with strong intra-and intercellular communications of cavitation are not inclined. Cells of epidermis, muscular fibrilla, an endoteliya of vessels, a nervous and bone tissue under the influence of cavitation are not surprised therefore they in comparison with fatty tissue, have the bigger density, elasticity and big acoustic resistance. Thanks to the optimum power of an ultrasonic wave, the possibility of thermal burns and formation of cicatricial changes in fabrics is excluded.
Manual mode: Choice of the mode of BONDS of influence Choice of frequency of BONDS of modulation from 20 to 60 kHz Choice of power of BONDS of radiation Choice of power of vacuum: cavitational processing and lymphatic drainage Automatic mode: 36 programs for the cavitational handle: The choice of the processed part of the body The choice like cellulitis or type of the localized fat Choice of power of BONDS of radiation Choice of power of vacuum 10 programs for lymphatic drainage handles: Choice of the program for a surge of lymph nodes Choice of the program for vacuum massage Advantages of the device: Combination cavitational and lymphatic drainage handles in one device Combination of two BONDS - radiators and the vacuum pump in one cavitational handle Noninvasive, safety and painlessness of procedure Selectivity of action on local fatty deposits High efficiency at a small amount of sessions Effective and steady elimination of fatty cages Receiving visible result right after procedure Lack of the period of rehabilitation after procedure Absence of side and negative visual effects Usability
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The device for correction of a figure Med2 Contour
The device for correction of a figure Med2 Contour
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