Buy The counter - the note sorter SBM SB-2000
The counter - the note sorter SBM SB-2000

The counter - the note sorter SBM SB-2000

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Kompaniyasbm (South Korea) has long history in the market of equipment for work as a snalichnost, its production always differed in invariable quality, reliability in an ilegkost in operation. SB-2000 sorter - not an exception. On the contrary, dannayamodel is top of evolution of sorting cars, among "brothers" to it netravny. It is the choice for true professionals - the car can cope sbolshy quantity of banknotes, it is specially developed for a nepreryvnogoispolzovaniye for a long time. At the same time at a high speed onaprovodit identification of banknotes on authenticity in all major parameters (UF-, infrared radiation, magnetic and optical properties of notes), the opredelyaetvetkhy and damaged notes. The device interface completely in Russian, besides it is adapted especially for the Russian conditions, a predusmotrenomnozhestvo of the user settings and a possibility of connection of portable modules (and also integration into system of video surveillance). Summing up the result, one may say, that SB-2000 is the most worthy representative of the class. It is often used in the large organizations with large volume of cash, such as bank storages and offices of the large companies.

Account speed 700/800/1000/1200 banknotes/min.
Capacity of the loading bunker from 300 to 1000 banknotes
Number of stores 1 + 1
Store capacity: basic/rejection 200/100 banknotes
Range of the sizes of banknotes from 90х60 mm to 185х100 mm
Display ZhK, 3,74 inches (9,5 cm)
Types of detections Uf/magnitnaya/ik/vidimy image
Sorting face values/face/orientation / state
Interface USB, RS232C
Power consumption 9 W (waiting mode) / 70 W (operating mode)
Food 220 V / 50 Hz
Overall dimensions (SHKHGKHV) 312×321×289 mm

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The counter - the note sorter SBM SB-2000
The counter - the note sorter SBM SB-2000
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