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The centralized station of sink of CIP

The centralized station of sink of CIP

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The centralized station of sink of CIP

it is intended for in - place cleaning, thermal and chemical disinfection of processing equipment, reservoirs and pipelines on the closed system.
Complete set of station of sink of CIP:
• The reservoir (with isolation) for alkali solution, from 1000 l to 10000 l;
• The reservoir (with isolation) for acid solution, from 1000 l to 10000 l;
• The reservoir for disinfecting solution, from 1000 l to 10000 l;
• The reservoir for washing water, from 1000 l to 10000 l;

Complete set of reservoirs:

— Hatch;
— Temperature transmitter
— Level sensor;
— Concentration sensor;
— Valves for giving, discharge of solutions (pneumatic, manual);

• Reservoirs for concentrates, from 100 l to 1000 l;
• Pumps for dispensing of concentrates;
• Pumps for pumping of solutions on contours from 15m3/h
to 50m3/h;
• Distribution panels with valves and sensors;
• System of heating of solutions:

— Heat exchanger kozhukhotrubny (lamellar);
— Steam pneumatic valves;
— Automated control system with visualization and archiving of all processes.

In - place cleaning of CIP is made due to circulation of water and washing solution in object.
Process of heating of water and washing solution is made by means of the lamellar (kozhukhotrubny) heat exchanger during circulation in the module — using buffer tank of 200 l for circulation that allows to save the energy carrier, detergents and to reduce time of preparatory operations of algorithm of sink.
After circulation solution goes back to tank for storage of working washing solution then repeatedly to be used in the following cycles of sink.
Water after washing of alkali or acid goes to tank of washing water and then is used for initial washing in the following cycle of sink.

Preparation of tanks for storage of working solutions of detergents is carried out by means of measuring pumps.
Measuring pumps are also used for maintenance of the set concentration of washing solution in the course of sink.
The control system controls time, temperature and concentration of washing and disinfecting solutions by means of the conductivity sensor.
Each pneumatic valve has the feed - back sensor — monitoring of its state is constantly made: if the signal on opening is made, and actually the valve remained in the closed state — process of sink will become on pause, to the operator on the panel the message on accident will be given. After elimination of breakdown it will be offered to continue further or to start at first.
Availability of the Relay of level of vibration type excludes modulations in tanks with washing solutions, and also allows to cut foamy educations which take place at alkali circulation.
The program has six recipes of sink, each of which is adjusted depending on requirements of production.
All parameters of sink — temperature, time and concentration — are archived for the further analysis and accounting.


Visualization of process is presented on the Operator's Panel in the form of the animated symbolic circuit — the movement of washing solutions, waters are shown and also it is specified:
— position of pneumatic valves — it is open/is closed / accident,
— operation of the pump of supply of washing solutions — work/rest/accident,
— operation of the pump of return of washing solutions — work/rest/accident,
— values of temperature and concentration — flowing and set,
— indications of the relay of channel — flow are / flow is not present,
— the volume of liquids in reservoirs — numerical value and animation.

Process of sink is displayed step by step, with the indication of time intervals of each stage, and also the general time of sink and amount of time which has remained until the end of all cycle of sink.

The end of process of sink is demonstrated by light signal and sound buzzer during 30 sec.

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The centralized station of sink of CIP
The centralized station of sink of CIP
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