Buy The caustic soda granulated (TU 6-01-1306-85)
The caustic soda granulated (TU 6-01-1306-85)

The caustic soda granulated (TU 6-01-1306-85)

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Ukraine, Kropyvnytskyi
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • ColorПрозрачная бесцветная или желтоватая жидкость, прозрачная желтая жидкость
The enterprise has all permissions (licenses) for acquisition, storage and implementation of dangerous loads and chemicals.

It is difficult for range of application of the caustic soda to list. Let's tell only that without the caustic soda it would be impossible to purify oil products, to receive from plant materials cellulose — the major raw materials for the different industries of economy. And detergents? Whether you know their family tree? The story about soap powders and soaps would take too much place. Therefore we will be limited to brief information: the laundry and toilet soap is sodium and potassium salts of fatty acids. We present to yours not the full list of the industries applying the caustic soda:

  • Pulp - and - paper - the largest industry using the caustic soda for delignification (sulphatic process) of cellulose in production of paper, cardboard, synthetic fibers, wood and fiber plates.
  • The textiles - are used for processing of cotton, production of dyes of synfils, such as nylon and polyester, for industrial production of silk, viscose silk, and also used in technology processes of bleaching of fabrics.
  • Household chemicals - for saponification of fats by production of soap, shampoo and other detergents. The profession of the soap maker (saponarius) is mentioned for the first time approximately in 385 by Theodor Pristsianus. Arabs cooked soap from oils and soda since the 7th century, today soaps are made in the same way, as 10 centuries ago.
  • Oil industry - delete with the caustic soda undesirable smells from products which result from availability of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans, and also for production of oils, production of the biodiesel fuel received from vegetable oils and used for replacement of usual diesel fuel.
  • Metallurgy - by production of aluminum and sodium metal, for etching of aluminum and in production of pure metals. In ferrous metallurgy it is applied to sulfur removal from steel.
  • The chemical industry - for neutralization of acids and acid oxides, for production of organic dyes, glues, solvents, paints, synthetic phenol, glycerin, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, plastic, liquid glass.
  • Automotive industry - in production of alkaline accumulators, in chemical and technology processes of production of trilon B.
  • Civil defense - for decontamination and neutralization of toxic agents (including sarin), in rebrizer (the isolating respiratory devices), for cleaning of expiratory air of carbon dioxide gas.
  • The food industry - for degreasing and processing of the equipment and container at the enterprises of the food industry (milk plants, maslozhirkombinata, the alcoholic beverage enterprises, tobacco factories, etc. ), in production of chocolate and cocoa, drinks, ice cream, caramel coloring, for softening of olives and production of bakery products. By means of the caustic soda refinement of vegetable oil and some other products is carried out. It is registered as food additive of E524.
  • Other spheres - it is used for water treatment and products, and also as the agent for dissolution of blockages of sewers, in the form of dry granules or as a part of gels.
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The caustic soda granulated (TU 6-01-1306-85)
The caustic soda granulated (TU 6-01-1306-85)
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