Buy The calculator of thermal energy Multical 601 to buy Ukraine
The calculator of thermal energy Multical 601 to buy Ukraine

The calculator of thermal energy Multical 601 to buy Ukraine

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MULTICAL®601 is a counter of thermal energy with a set of applications. Being the exact and reliable counter of thermal energy working from the battery or from a network, MULTICAL®601 can be used (to be applied) also for:
Measurements of energy in cooling systems with water as a hladonositel
The bifunctional (combined) measurement of energy of heating and energy of cooling with archiving of data in separate registers
Control of leaks in systems of hot and cold water supply
Restrictions of power and expense by means of the operated valve
Archivings of data
Data transmission
Measurements of energy in open systems

When designing MULTICAL®601 the great value was attached to functional flexibility of the device due to programmable functions and the built-in modules, both in top, and in the lower part of the calculator to provide optimum opportunities of applications. Besides, the design provides a possibility of modernization of already mounted MULTICAL® 601.

The MULTICAL®601 calculator can be completed with 2 independent power supplies:
the battery of reserve food which is built in the top module about ChRV and the main food located in the device basis. The main food represents either the lithium battery of D type, or the module of food 24VAC, 220VAC. Replacement of one power supply by another is carried out on the place and does not demand the subsequent rechecking of the device. Term of work of an autonomous battery (lithium element of D type 3,65B) of 8-10 years.

For display of information MULTICAL®601 ZhK with the display word length of 8 signs and certain fields for display of units of measurements and information codes is supplied. When viewing values 7 figures and the certain field in which the corresponding units of measure are specified are used. By default the saved-up value of energy is brought to the display. Pressing of the top button the display serially removes the saved-up values of volume, the current expense, temperatures, etc. data necessary for drawing up the report.

Data archives are read out and transferred to the computer by means of additional modules of the basis and optical head or the manual Multiterm terminal.

Protection ON and paramet. Data exchange in the MULTICAL®601 counter is based on the protocol of data exchange Kamstrup Meter Protocol - KMP which provides high-speed and flexible structure of reading, and also meets the requirements to reliability of data exchange and their reliability.

ON the counter it is put in ROM and therefore it cannot be subjected to changes. By means of communication, it is impossible to make change of legal parameters.

The radio module in standard execution is intended for work in the license-free range of frequencies and prepared for entry into Kamstrup radio network where only a few data are automatically transferred to system software through a router of RF and the concentrator RF.

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The calculator of thermal energy Multical 601 to buy Ukraine
The calculator of thermal energy Multical 601 to buy Ukraine
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