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The Bulgarian pink water of hydroarmour from the Damask rose of 500 ml

The Bulgarian pink water of hydroarmour from the Damask rose of 500 ml

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  • BrandRosbio Bulgaria
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  • Type of perfumeRefreshing water
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Without doubts, all the well - known Bulgarian pink water on the basis of the Damask rose which is cultivated in Bulgaria for 700 years in the historical place of Bulgaria – the Valley of roses, Kazanlak is well - known. About features and medicinal properties of Pink water from Bulgaria we will talk to the leading expert of medical faculty of department of an aromatherapy of the Zaporizhia medical university, KMU Andrey Petrovich Odintsov.


- Andrey Petrovich, there was a wish to learn about your trip to Bulgaria in more detail.


- Many, of course, have heard a lot about the well - known Damask Bulgarian rose which is considered the best in the world on the medicinal and cosmetic properties. I knew that Pink water can be accepted inside, as a remedy and earlier, but the fact that it occurs in such scales, I learned only in Bulgaria. All leading countries of the world, in particular the richest Arab countries, redeem Pink water in Bulgaria and use it inside as medical and tonic. In Bulgaria showed me the documentary, productions of the USA where at research institute, at the Ministry of Defence of the USA, made experiment on dogs. They were poisoned hlorpikriny and sarin (chemical warfare agents). There occurred the clinical death, but to them allowed to breathe at first evaporations of the Bulgarian rose, and then they drank Pink water. In an hour animals felt well, and in their blood toxins were not revealed.


Pink water from Bulgaria is 100% natural water of life, does not contain preservatives and dyes, ideal means all - type skin, in any age, for leaving and in the afternoon, and at night, for strengthening and maintenance of your beauty and health.


How to apply Pink water?

Pink water possesses:

- the regenerating influence;

- lymphatic drainage action owing to what helps to eliminate puffiness of the person and body, to increase elasticity of skin. Delicately works with thin and tired skin;

- the moistening and softening properties;

- pronounced antiseptic properties.


1. As cosmetic Pink water represents soft natural antiseptic tonic.

For a tone and removal of fatigue from skin after a make - up: plentifully moistened wadded tampon to put pink water on a face, a neck and area of a decollete.

For restoration of a tone of face skin, a bust and a decollete it is possible to do applications: it is plentiful to moisten cotton fabric in pink water and to impose on the respective areas for 3(5) - 7 minutes.

After carrying out anti - cellulite massage or mud wrappings it is useful to do applications on a body: the fabric moistened in pink water is imposed on a body or wrap up it for 5 - 7 minutes. It is necessary to heat pink water for this procedure a little on a water bath to 36 - 38 degrees.

In a hot season, at stay in mountains or on the active sun pink it is possible to load in a bottle with the spraying head and to put water on a face and hair for removal of tension, feeling of tightness and prevention of burns.

During travel, especially in dusty districts and the cities, drawing on the person of pink water helps to remove dust and a soot from open parts of the body and the person. Takes off effects of fatigue and tones up. For this purpose pink water can be applied on a handkerchief or a napkin if near at hand there is no wadded disk or a tampon.

During sea tour we recommend to you to put pink water not only on a face, but also on all body, but not to use preparations which are offered vseshiroky sale on the basis of chemistry. Pink water well tones up skin and promotes beautiful suntan. If you burned, Pink water perfectly removes a burn, in a consequence skin is not husked and does not oblazit.

In a winter and cold season at occupations in the pool putting pink water on skin after water procedures protects from influence of chloride substances which add to water, and from a peresushivaniye of skin and hair.

For dry skin pink water should be dissolved with water 1: 1 or 1: 2.


2. As remedy. It is known that pink water possesses antiseptic properties and shows activity in relation to staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Therefore it is applied:

- for rinsing of a throat during quinsies. The throat is rinsed in the usual way several times a day for clinical improvement. It is possible to irrigate with pink water a throat at tendency to frequent quinsies, laryngitis, pharyngitises and an osiplost of a voice – as prevention;

- at oral cavity diseases – to rinse a mouth integral structure several times a day;

- at bleeding of gums. To rinse a mouth or - in addition – to impose the turunda moistened in tselnosostavny pink water for 10 - 15 min. several times a day;

- for processing of the infected wounds and a burn surface – to process integral structure.


3. Property of components of rose attar to stimulate restoration of cells of a liver is used in rehabilitation of people after Botkin's illness, removal of a gall bladder, at treatment of chronic diseases of a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, an alcoholic syndrome, in programs of correction of hepatic encephalopathies at the people having alcoholism and drug addiction, pancreas diseases, tonkokishechny pathologies. For this purpose the pink water diluted by 2 - 3 times is accepted inside on 1 - 2 tablespoons by 3 - 4 times a day in intervals between meals.


4. The Tselnosostavny pink water received as a result of distillation can be dug in in eyes at increased fatigue of eyes, feeling of sand in them, dacryagogue, the repeating conjunctivitis, at strong fatigue and gripes from light. Dig in 2 drops 2 times a day or is more often as necessary. It is also possible to do applications on eyelids and eyes: moistened in pink water wadded disks impose on eyelids for 15 - 20 min.

We apply tselnosostavny pink water to an instillation in eyes to babies at suppuration of eyes (this state often precedes pyelonephritis or accompanies intestinal infection).

Tselnosostavny pink water on a droplet can be added to drink. Diluted – to drip in a mouth – at digestive tract diseases, toxic defeats of nervous system, at tearfulness, dysbacteriosis, at tendency to skin rashes.


5. At different type dermatitis (including at a streptodermiya) an irrigation pink water help to reduce an itch, a peeling, to eliminate a moknutiya.

It is possible to do bathtub bathtubs with pink water: to add 250 - 500 ml of tselnosostavny pink water to water. It tones up skin, removes a nervous tension, it is useful at skin rashes, especially pustulous rash.

Vynna with pink water are especially recommended for babies and children with hyper excitable nervous system and to the people having long depressions.

In case bathtubs are contraindicated or not conditions for their reception, it is possible to do an irrigation of an upper back: the patient it is necessary to put. The fabric which is plentifully moistened with warm pink water is imposed on shoulders and an upper back. Water with warm pink water, moistening fabric and allowing to flow down – small portions – within 15 - 20 minutes (procedure it is better to do in a warm or hot bath). (B. Vasilyev. Pink treatment//Be healthy! - No. 9. – 2001).

Foot bathtubs with pink water help at perspiration of legs, fatigue and "heavy legs".

Bandages with pink water do at thrombophlebitises and a varicosity.


6. At headaches – at infectious diseases and overfatigue – on a forehead it is necessary to impose a cool compress with pink water.


7. We widely apply pink water as a febrifuge – to cool compresses, cold wrappings and intake.


8. Pink water can be applied to syringings at gynecologic diseases and infections of urinogenital system (fibroma, a cyst, myoma).


9. At diseases of a thyroid gland it is useful to drink Pink water as it promotes a rassasyvaniye of thyroid knots.

We recommend all flower waters or their mixes for an irrigation of the infected, purulent, long not healing wounds, fresh hems and seams, for treatment of psoriasis, wet eczema.

Mix of pink and lavender waters (1: 1 or 1: 2) – an effective remedy for processing of an intertrigo at children. In case of maceration of fabrics at children and lying seriously ill patients, at decubituses and extensive burn surfaces pink and lavender waters promote restoration of structure of skin, regeneration, anesthetize.


On arrival from Bulgaria I according to the recommendation of my Bulgarian colleagues began to drink Pink water. In two and a half months I lost in the weight of 35 kg. I completely restored work of a digestive tract, and I forgot what is locks. Nervous system, and also a psycho - emotional state came to an order. Arterial pressure was normalized not to mention that the use of Pink water – very powerful aphrodisiac. You can ask me: Whether "Pink water of the Crimean production can replace the Bulgarian Pink water? ". Definite answer: NO! ! ! Why not? Because in a basis of the Crimean rose, in the 30th years of last century, the grade of the French rose of Galik was put. This grade was removed in France for production of perfumery, but not by no means for treatment. And the reason in the following: in the Bulgarian rose of Geraniol of the main treating substance of 76% , and in the Crimean rose of 2 - 3% . And if you really want to be healthy and beautiful, use the best samples of Pink water.

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The Bulgarian pink water of hydroarmour from the Damask rose of 500 ml
The Bulgarian pink water of hydroarmour from the Damask rose of 500 ml
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