Buy The banknote counter with function of sorting SBM SB-2000S
The banknote counter with function of sorting SBM SB-2000S

The banknote counter with function of sorting SBM SB-2000S

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  • Recalculation of the mixed pack with delivery of a total amount
  • Sorting according to decay (wear, dirt, holes, corners, anguishes, adhesive tape, inscriptions)
  • Sorting according to face values
  • Sorting according to the person and orientation
  • Check of banknotes on authenticity
  • Function of reading and comparison of serial numbers

Distinguishes the following machine-readable protective signs of banknotes:

  • Visible image of a banknote
  • The image of a banknote seen in the infrared range of a range (800-1000 nanometers)
  • Presence of magnetostrong properties at a series and number of a banknote printed with green paint
  • Lack of a background luminescence of paper under the influence of ultra-violet radiation with the wavelength of 360-380 nanometers


  • Passed test in the European Central bank
  • Detection of an adhesive tape in all operating modes of SSM
  • Possibility of sorting of banknotes according to decay with simultaneous check of authenticity
  • The optical-mechanical principle of definition of shabby banknotes
  • An opportunity to renominate pockets
  • High quality of check on authenticity
  • Possibility of control of levels of sensitivity of UF-, IK - and magnetic detectors and sensors of decay
  • Exact positioning of the note in front of sensors of detection and passing of banknotes across the highway without distortions and jams thanks to the single-motor roller transport mechanism
  • Connection of the portable display, thermal printer and personal computer
  • Possibility of connection to systems of video surveillance (Check of TV)
  • Processing of several types of currencies (UAH, RUB, EUR, USD)
  • Expansion to 7 currencies

The device of this kind is necessary for sorting and ordering of notes on various signs: to the face value, decay, face and sizes. SBM SB-2000 processes impressive volumes of cash in the shortest possible time. The device is effective and reliable. Feature of model the possibility of verification of notes on authenticity is considered.

Sorters meet in all types of cash desks where the cash turnover creates problems for employees of an institution. Processing of the arriving credits and deposits, delivery of means to clients of a certain face value, calculation of day, week, monthly revenues and many other things significantly becomes simpler with similar devices.

Functionality and the menu completely Russian-speaking and localized. The principle of operation of the device is based on scanning of the first arrived note and the subsequent comparison of other face values with a sample. SBM SB-2000 in several modes works, the user settings can be kept. Dimensional ZhK the screen displays results of all operations with a possibility of the account and summation of the previous data.

Archiving and cleaning of memory is carried out by means of connection of the device to the computer or the optical sensor. The software is updated without the need for direct access to a programmator.

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The banknote counter with function of sorting SBM SB-2000S
The banknote counter with function of sorting SBM SB-2000S
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