Buy The automatic transfer line for production of the Linkwel sausages
The automatic transfer line for production of the Linkwel sausages

The automatic transfer line for production of the Linkwel sausages

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandHITEC
  • Country of manufactureJapan

Automatic transfer lines for production of the LINKWEL sausages

The Linkwel and Linkwel L 2 lines it is world famous lines for production of sausages in natural and artificial covers in which high precision of length, weight and diameter of products is reached.

The dosing pump, twisting knot, head of rotation of a stuffing tube, linkerny chain and the conveyor are put in action by separate engines, each of which has independent adjustment. The updated external design makes easily available any part of the line. The new structure of the line by the principle "all in one framework" not only does it extremely strong, but also and protects from moisture hit. All electric components are separately placed in a waterproof box from stainless steel. Thanks to the big angle of opening of a door of a box easy access to electric parts is provided and their replacement becomes simpler.

The lines equipped - the device of automatic giving of a cover, work with any kinds of covers. On the line, - the automatic giving of a cover which is not equipped with the device, - it is possible to work only with a natural cover. Production lines of the Linkwel sausages are ideal for work as any kinds of a cover, including sheep, pork, collagenic, cellulose. Lines can be readjusted easily on production of other type of sausages, and also it is quite simple to replace the natural cover used, for example, with artificial. For implementation of this readjustment special tools and special experience are not required. The operator can carry out this replacement and readjustment within 10 minutes.

Data - lines - have absolutely new concept of production of sausages in a natural cover in difference from traditional. It allows to reach more high efficiency by production of sausages in a natural cover. Besides high efficiency of the line is also provided thanks to automation of process of suspension of sausages. The refusal of a traditional arm of a petleobrazovatel which moving a product to hanging knot on hooks is the revolutionary decision in the line. Accuracy of hanging is reached by usual "sliding" of a product on conveyor hooks. It allows to reduce quantity of the wearing-out parts which are present at the traditional line on the basis of a petleobrazovatel by lines. The used dosing pump provides high precision of control of weight throughout all term of use of the pump. The Linkerny chain can have different length in the range from 28,56 mm to 4,76 mm. Perhaps also direct stuffing (without twisting). Full division of pneumatic and electric parts provides easy and safe access to them. All important information on that as the line what processes are carried out and what parameters are set works it is possible to see on the control panel at any time.

The Linkwel and Linkwel2L lines allow to carry out easily and very quickly change of the made type of sausages. For this purpose it is necessary to be convinced that on the line the corresponding linkerny chain and a tube of the necessary size are established, and also the bunker and the device of forcing is correctly adjusted - to choose a code of a product which program of production was brought in memory earlier - to press the start button.

Speed of work of the line, pump speed, the beginning and the end of a cover, the number of twistings, and also other parameters are defined and stored in memory At emergence of any malfunctions in operating time of the line in advance, information on them is instantly displayed on the display. For their elimination it is necessary to follow the corresponding instructions only.

Producer: HITEC (Japan)

Technical characteristics
Model Linkwel Linkwel-L
Productivity (natural cover), kg/h 3200 3200
Maximum speed of a portsionirovaniye (artificial cover), portions/mines 800 800
Length of products (artificial cover / natural cover), mm 28,62190,5/28,62304,8 28,62190,5/28,62304,8
Consumption of compressed air (with a pressure of 5,2 bars), l/min 1,0 1,0
Water consumption (with a pressure of 2,8-4,1 bars), l/min 1,0 1,0
Power, kW 6,8 6,8
Overall dimensions, mm 5045х795х1846 5424х795х1846
Weight, kg 690 710
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The automatic transfer line for production of the Linkwel sausages
The automatic transfer line for production of the Linkwel sausages
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